Who is starting to think about Fall and all things back to school? I am so guilty! I love the Fall season and find box tops on the Hefty and Reynolds Kitchens and reboot the family. My mind is shifting to fun class projects, cute classroom snacks to make, new things to watch my kids learn and so much more! I loved school as a kid thus I know I am living through them as I prepare for that time of year each time it comes around! The one thing I know is a MUST is feeling ready for it all. This post offers 5 ways to get ready for back to school. I hope you feel more ready and less stressed allowing you to enjoy the season too!

Does anyone else feel like back to school time is like another time for new beginnings? I feel this time of year is a lot like New Years when people make new resolutions.

It is a time to get back into a schedule, create meal plans for your family, ponder kids schedules and activities and everything else in-between. I love it SO MUCH!

Here are a few things I am starting to do to get ready for back to school time:

  1. Getting my grocery essentials. These are the things I am going to use to make the meals and snacks I am excited to make once we get back into the grind of Fall. These are also essentials to keep the house tidy and simplify my life such as these scented Hefty garbage bags and these amazing Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners (Can we say MESS FREE?). I feel like as I slowly get the “tools” to achieve my routines I will be more prepared thus less stressed. Less stress means more ability to enjoy this special time of year!

2. Stock up on grocery staples. This is such an obvious for feeling organized as a mom. I feel when I am organized in the foods I need and want to make in my weekly meal plan everything runs smoother. I love having fresh baked treats for after school for the kids on occasion.

You can use the Reynolds non-stick bakeware for a sweet after school treat such as these yummy Homemade Fudge Brownies.

3. Get your “to-do’s” scheduled throughout your week. I have found to be ready for back to school requires setting up a schedule for what and when I will achieve everything I need to do through the week. An example is when I will prepare dinners, whether they are freezer meals I pre-prep or crock pot meals I prep in the morning so they are ready by the time we are all home. Reynolds Kitchens Slow cooker liners are awesome for simplifying your meals and day.

A meal we love to make in the crock pot is our Fresh Citrus Tacos.

4. Start getting school supplies as soon as you can. Avoiding the crowds and getting everything you need a month before school starts is key. You will be able to find what you need and spread out the expense if needed. Creating fun storage containers like these Upcycled Zipper Bags is a unique touch to show your little ones you love them.

5. Give back to your schools through collecting box tops for education. All of these awesome products that make getting ready for back to school easier have box tops on them which when cut, collected and turned into your school can help give them the funds needed for technology and supplies that are needed for your kids.

When you shop for back to school items look for the box tops on the Hefty and Reynolds Kitchens products you buy. It’s so amazing that the very products you would buy anyways for your daily needs would also support your children’s education!

Enter the sweepstakes now! You can enter daily to win a chance at up to one thousand dollars in funds to your school (5 will win)! You have until August 29th to enter up to once daily with 50 daily winners (for an array of prizes) are chosen. I am wishing you the happiest back to school season! Dovidenia. XO

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