Hey friends! I love all things crafts and art so today I am thrilled to share with you a simple DIY to make for your kids. My up-cycled zipper bags are perfect for school supplies or snacks! These fun bags are creative, extremely fun and affordable. Let me show you how! You will become obsessed with this duck tape bags just like me.

upcycled zipper bags

So it was late at night, all was quiet in my house. All you would have heard on this “silent night” was the ripping of Duck Tape! My face was ear to ear with a smile and I believe I even chuckled to myself. This was my first experience creating with Duck Tape, just a few evenings ago.

I was in pure crafty bliss!

The options are endless and the designs are fun (see here for tons more ideas to create) from solid colors to glittered to prints. I thought to myself, “I could make wreath decor, book covers, bags”. Needless to say I have found a new crafting addiction that’s not just fun for the kids.

Let’s get busy building up-cycled zipper bags shall we?

duck tape art

Up-cycled Zipper Bags



duck tape crafts


  1. Cut a piece of tape the length of the zipper.
  2. Attach it to the zipper. Press firmly with placement close to the zipper, but not touching it. Once attached, turn tape with attached zipper over and place tape on the backside just as you did the front. You are creating an attached sheet made out of tape.
  3. Attach more tape slightly tapered below the piece you just built off the zipper. Then, attach tape on the backside. Continue this for as long as you would like to create your bag.

duck tape zipper pouch

4. Once you have finished creating the tape sheet on one side repeat this on the other side of the zipper. Once this is complete cut the edges to make them even.

5. Fold the end in and place the thinner duck tape to seal the end together. Do this on either side and then on the bottom to seal the bag. You can use more thin tape to add designs or thicken the strip that you placed for sealing.

tape crafting

That is it friends! In 10 minutes or less you can create a fun up-cycled zipper bag perfect for back to school snacks or materials.

tape zipper pouch

I am so excited to give these to my kids with all their new back to school materials. It is fun to give them special things I have hand made just for them. My kids told me the tape and colors they wanted and were excited to see the end product. If your kids are older they could easily make this craft along side you.

back to school upcycled duck tape bags

I hope you are inspired by my up-cycled zipper bag to create something unique for your kids back to school time!

Duck Tape is a unique crafting material that will make for great family crafting time, or one on one time with your child while getting ready for the start of the new school year!

Dovidenia. Xo



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