9141613_orig[1] My name is Stefanie. I am a slovakian buffalo girl who always was country at heart. Finally as a wife, mom, artist and registered dietitian I’m planting my roots on 10 acres of dirt and tumble weeds. The dream for country life and farming is alive although some “rude awakenings” (as my darling hubby would say) are coming my way with, I’m sure, some great opportunities for humor as I learn the ropes. This blog is my journey to the sweetness of the simple things in life. My passion is to inspire & equip others toward simple living! Living in the moment with gratitude and intention, loving oneself and others with purpose and reaching your dreams with creativity and vision is what Simple Acres is about. Join me as I lean into that ever present voice guiding me towards what really matters…the love for family, the fun of farming, tasty food and art in all forms! Take my hand as we walk this journey together toward happiness, health & success….while maintaining our sanity! Life is too short to focus on anything else…Simple Acres…HERE WE COME!bird

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