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When you reflect upon your life what are the things that matter most to you? What adds value and purpose to you?

Life itself is a gift in its entirety and love is the cherry-on-top of it all. With the chaos that modern life can often bring there is a yearning for simplicity that calls me. It is as though a quiet voice is whispering “Be still”. Being present is a piece of the puzzle, but today I want to tell the story of my attempt to slow down and savor this gift called life.

simple living and family

It is so very easy to feel the tug of war of life, expectations, challenges, self imposed commitments, technology and so much more. Life can become a consistent buzz in your ear of busyness, thoughts and stresses.

Do you ever need it all to JUST STOP for a moment?

I do. I have been striving for a simpler, slower, cherished life where the moments I have alone or with my family and loved ones are SAVORED. When I say savored I mean like that bowl of fresh Peach Cobbler that’s altogether perfect in its crispy yet deliciously soft and sweet inside! Can you taste the caramel drizzle yet? Yeah, like THAT savored.

What if I told you the constant buzz can be calmed, that the peace of presence in the moment can be achieved and the quality of life that comes from love and time spent can be unplugged?! Would you believe you could achieve those slow and savored moments in life?

Do you want to slow down and savor your family life?
kittys and cowboy boots

On my journey to the simple life at Simple Acres I have found there to be some amazing secrets and benefits to a slowing down to take in all the goodness life has to offer. Here are just a few tips I hope may help you on your journey.

10 Ways to Slow Down and Savor Family Life

  1. Live in the present. My oldest is in love with “playing flowers” . This is where he puts on his favorite red boots to gather flowers from all over the yard to create something beautiful he can then give to another. That “another” is almost always me! I have learned that we lose the gift of “today” when we focus on the past or future. Today we laugh, smile and celebrate this small task, stage and joy. Ask yourself what stage or special moments this present time is bringing forth in your life and savor it! I take pictures of his bouquets, I smell the sweet fragrances and try ever so hard to press an imprint into my mind of that smile and excitement in the beauty of nature and giving. Even laying a few petals between book pages to save remnants of my “today” have been noble attempts to live in the present.

youth male durango boots

2. Turn off technology. We take days and weeks off from our technological toys, but even an hour away is wonderful. I encourage my kids to play outside. I want to watch them pretend and be creative. I want to see them building with sticks and dirt. I capture the moments by being present around them and by taking pictures of the moments.

child durango boots

3. Be inclusive in everyday tasks. We can all be busy and torn in different directions but I am trying more and more to be present in the tasks of the farm. My husband and I play a part in each others realm a bit from time to time. My husband plays a part in my blog by getting behind the camera for me while playing “photographer”. We have a long way to go but whether it’s my husband changing water while the little ones play in the feild, we are all out in the garden or the kids join in on paint time while I am creating a custom art piece…we try to be together in the tasks of life.

four wheeling and farming

4. Create fun.  I have grown to love four wheeling thanks to my husband. The kids LOVE joining us on rides in the field and around the farm. The wind in your hair and no present cares is so refreshing to the soul. No matter what it is you and your family enjoy…find that and create fun intentionally and regularly.

country life and cowboy boots

5. Avoid agendas. Sometimes, having no plan but being home and present is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Just sit back, be still and enjoy the senses of your surroundings. I love sunsets in the evening on Simple Acres. It is so open and heavenly, it’s as if ever pore of myself can soak in life, nature and the love of my family. If you must plan, plan for time with NO AGENDAS…it will refresh you and your family! I must mention it is amazing to sit back,with no agenda of course, in the most comfortable boots you have ever worn while doing so.

bug catching with his durango boots

6. Be present in nature. One of my boys has been my bug catcher since he was old enough to walk. He can spend hours in the field chasing and diving in the field for grasshoppers. Although bugs are not my thing, being surrounded by nature is a must for me. There is something soothing about the colors nature presents, the sounds of the season you are in and the smells that are unique to where you are. Nature challenges the senses in a way I find very encouraging to savoring the present time and the people you are sharing it with. If nature is not on your back doorstep, where could you go to get away and be together with your family?

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7. Pretend. This may be silly, but I enjoy creating and pretending with my little ones. In this moment, we are in our own world. We intuitively play and feed off each other. Especially, in the Summer nights we pretend and play together as we conquer imaginary beasts and devise plans to be victorious in our created adventure. If you have a more grown family or just you and your spouse pretend you are camping and camp outside and just enjoy the treasured time together. My littlest is in love with pretending she is a powerful cowgirl as she rides her horsey with her adorable purple leather and stitched boots.

mothering and farming

8. Connect. Taking that extra effort to be unplugged and purposefully intent on your loved ones. This is a practice I need growth on. I can attest when I do connect it is rewarding and is the secret ingredient to SAVORING family time. When we take time away from multitasking and our phone screens we can engage and connect in memorable ways. I often schedule time in my week to spend quality one-on-one time with each of my children and husband.

gardening in the country

9. Create together. In the Spring and Summer we enjoy planting produce in the garden. It is a great way to create a start to self sufficient living and modeling it with our children. Whether it is a flower bed, garden or just a fun hobby or project creating something with loved ones acts as such a glue to togetherness while teaching values and work ethic.

kitties and cowboys

10. Love. The greatest of all these ways to slow down and savor family life is love. Without love not one of these shared tips matters. Hold your family a little tighter, love with more intention, soak in the moment and live life to the fullest.

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Our lifestyle may not be yours and that is ok. I believe we all can use these tips in any walk of life. Durango boots is such an essential for our lifestyle because of what we do as new cattle farmers and country dwellers. I wear my boots almost every day. I have never worn a boot, or shoe for that matter, that is as comfortable and versatile as these boots. This is the honest truth. Besides who doesn’t love a pair of cute boots?!

Whether you live in the country, like to play in the dirt or just want to look awesome in the city…you will love these boots! Let them help you explore, savor and connect in life that much better! Dovidenia. XO

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