“Good Momma”. An elderly man, without making eye contact, stated this to me as he sped by in his automated grocery cart. I was holding my sleeping baby girl over one shoulder as I was frantically grocery shopping before my next kid pick up was due. That simple statement and gesture struck my heart.

The art of being present has been a theme and ongoing focus in my life.

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What was so good about me just taking care of life’s “to-dos” with a baby I couldn’t wake up (while my arm is burning holding her)? “Good Momma”…it kept on flooding my mind…in a good way. The gesture alone was sweet. So often us mommas just need to hear this, especially with the exhaustion, busyness and multitasking we experience while attempting to keep all the strings of life attached. Do you ever feel this way?

This statement made me proud. Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the task of grocery shopping with a sleeping babe, it made me feel accomplished…it made me feel empowered. These two words helped me to reflect on what really makes life rich and what really helps us as humans to offer something genuine to others. These two words helped me to realize that being a “good” ANYTHING really comes down to one main thing for me…BEING PRESENT. Being “good” in that moment wasn’t looking perfect, or having it all together, or having every detail even half figured out….it was being present for my daughter that morning.

The Art of Being Present.

Being present to me is:

  • unplugging from technology and the demands of life to plug into the people/person and moment I am in
  • being in tune to my senses- being mindful of the smell in the air, the feel of my loved one in my arms, the sounds of my surroundings and the emotions my heart is feeling
  • being an instrument of love and experiencing a deeper sense of peace, joy and meaning in life

What would this look like in your life? How could you be more mindful to the present moment?


3 Ways to Live in the Present Simply
1. Quality time. I schedule this weekly with my loved ones. “Dates” is code word for quality time and attention with my kids and husband. Even if it’s an early departure to school to grab a treat together or play at a park or a simple dinner with my “Sweet Cheeks” with glorious alone time grocery shopping together! (I know I am boring but I LOVE IT!)
2. Creativity. Art, crafts, painting, decorating with the kids, scavenger hunts…just using your mind and time in a creative way takes you to a slower paced more focused place in life. I love and reap the benefits of this by creating memories with my loved ones while decreasing stress.
3. Capture the Moment. A novice would be a complement to my photography skills…but I love it! Photography that isn’t connected to social media is even better. I just bought a version of my “old-school” Polaroid camera   I had as a kid. The nostalgia of taking and waiting for the “instant” picture to appear warms my heart. (The kids thought is was SO cool and fun too!) The “imperfection” of the photos in the sense that they could not be edited brought me to happy tears, folks. It just reminded me as I used this fun new “toy” how important it is to be present in life. That the “imperfection” and “unplanned” of life is genuine and good…it is good indeed.


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