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The season has come for new life and land. The new calves are running in the field in the evenings racing around and playing as though it’s a game of tag. The trees are blooming with the aroma of sweet blossoms and the grass is becoming green. With this season on our farm comes an opportunity to teach the value of nature and hard work. The farm, raising cattle and planting a garden serves as wonderful teachers for my children. Whether you live on a farm or live in a city, gardening is a great activity that teaches the value of self-sufficient living. Have you ever considered a more self-sufficient lifestyle? I can attest that although it takes work it can be rewarding and enjoyable.

farm life and gardening

Currently we our tilling the land and growing grass on our acreage as a way to fuel our growing herd of cattle. We are getting the soil ready in the garden and planting our first seeds of corn and peas. From the growing of the grass to the garden, all these efforts are being put out ultimately to promote self-sufficient living here at Simple Acres. All the while our children get to watch and interact in these actions of hard work and love.

The value of a simple self-sufficient lifestyle. 

  • Hard work is the first value that comes to mind. This is something I still am coming to appreciate when it comes to getting down and dirty on our farm. I will say hard work whether it be the farming we do or even the simple goal of growing a small garden and having chickens teaches appreciation.
  • Appreciation for the positive end result when effort is spent toward self sufficiency.
  • Resourcefulness teaches children to be creative, value nature and not be wasteful.
  • Frugal thinking, encourages more responsibility in the goods and monetary blessings our children will experience in their life.

kids playing in the dirt

Not always can our children play an active role in the many duties farming or simple living calls for. This inspired me to share how gardening with my children has helped them value our self-sufficient lifestyle and also feel a part of all the fun.

We chose to partner with Miracle-Gro Gro-ables as a wonderful NEW product that is a fun activity for kids and families that get kids outside and interacting with nature and food! While my “Sweet Cheeks”  is planting 5 acres of grass to feed the cows that ultimately feed US, the kids and I are replicating the same self-sufficient action by planting herbs and vegetables we too will eat and enjoy as a family.

How To Start a Simple Garden with Miracle-Gro Gro-ables

growables cups

  1. The seed pods come completely ready in biodegradable cups that include the plant food to guarantee growth.

miracle gro

2.    Push the seed pod into loosened soil until the top is level with the soil’s surface and water daily.

planting produce

3. In 1-2 weeks your seed will sprout. Several months after planting, flowers will appear which means produce is close at hand.

gardening fun

I can attest that my kids loved this activity! “Daddy” was literally out on the tractor as they were also doing their own planting and contributing to the family. Gardening these seeds caused an excitement they have talked about daily since and a sense of pride in their hard work. With all honesty friends, EVERY SINGLE one of our seeds planted is sprouting! We labeled our plants with up-cycled and stamped vintage spoons. The tutorial can be found here.


I stand confidently with the Gro-ables Project belief.

There’s a lot to learn from even the smallest plants and the smallest gardening project! (Heck we planted in pots on our porch for start up.) The Gro-ables Project is a movement to share the joy of growing herbs and veggies while giving kids truly hands-on learning experiences.

My kids walked away with hands dirty from hard work and hearts uplifted and encouraged by the excitement of taking part in our self-sufficient lifestyle! I can not wait until we are enjoying our fresh herbs and salad at dinner time and can thank the precious hands of our children for their efforts. The appreciation and reward of their gardening will be priceless. What do your children learn from gardening? I would love to hear. Dovidenia. XO


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