I am a collector of vintage things! From old toy tractors from the fifties to a nearly 100 year old farmhouse to SPOONS! Yes, I will be the elderly lady someday knitting on her porch while eating peach cobbler selling tickets to the world’s greatest wacky museum of a home. Purple hair, red nails, bright blue cowgirl boots….I digress!

Let my vintage hoarding “talent” offer inspiration for you, my dear friends! Here is a quick way to label your garden with a few simple tools you can likely find in your home! Be green, reuse and up-cycle!

upcycled garden markers

So, how do I come out of the vintage hoarding closet? Streak OF COURSE!

Friends, I have so many old things I don’t know where to start. What I can promise is I am going to start incorporating a touch of up-cycle and vintage re-purposing with all my DIY’s. While starting my Spring cleaning I realized I can not walk very freely in my craft room of collections. I vowed to myself I would bring fun new purposes to all my beautiful AND amazing crap! So here is goes…

garden markers


      • old spoons; the more vintage the better but any will do
      • hammer
      • metal stamp kit

hammer spoon project diy

How to Create Up-Cycled Garden Stakes

  1. Take your junky spoons and release stress by hammering the junk out of them. I’d prefer a four letter word when I really need to release tension so lets just say “beat the SNOT out of the suckers” to be family friendly I suppose.¬†Have fun! I recommend starting in the center and working out on the spoon head.
  2. Take the letters needed to stamp the word of what you are planting. Place the letter face down on the spoon and hammer about 10 times on the back of the metal stamp end. I am beyond thrilled to be able to remember what I planted and where this year! Mind is blown. It is the simple things folks.

upcycled vintage spoon garden markers

So there we have it. A function for rusty old vintage spoons I have been holding onto for about three years! Ha!

What is something you have been saving that might need a new purpose? Comment below and the reader I choose will WIN the DIY I create with a like item you mention (because being the “collector” I am I’m sure to have one too).



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