The journey of MORE renovation at Simple Acres has begun! I finally mustered up the energy and focus to get back into the décor and finishing work our ol’ beauty of a farmhouse needs. As I mentioned here, I have been blessed to showcase my front room with some beautiful window treatments from Smith and Noble. Join me as I share my Farmhouse Renovation with Vintage Flair as I bring you back to a nostalgic time while offering simple tips to decorate your space.






I love the way my NEW Smith and Noble window treatments are #SafeandStylish . My new window treatments are sleek and fit perfectly to my windows (which is a bit of a challenge for them being originally built in 1917). I truly love them and now am proud to show off this beautiful front window that overlooks our porch. I must share, and I am being genuine, the customer service and care I was offered to pick these blinds out and get them “fitted” from a distance was stellar. Installation was simple as well! One last thing I must share is THEY ARE SAFE….no more cords my little ones can get hurt by!


To be honest, at first I fell in love with their wood blinds but because of the lack of depth in my old window sills I was directed to another idea. ROLLER SHADES was a new direction in window treatment style I decided to go with. I am silly, but I never really was familiar with this style until now. I LOVE them they are so sleek and fashionable but SIMPLE. LOVE.


My new stylish window treatments encouraged me to create some cozy staging in my home to better feature this beautiful front room window. I used random items I had in my home with a few new “goodies” I snagged at a fun local antique shop. I love to add warm color “pops” once the weather cools down thus I threw this soft plaid throw on my chair and tied it in with a cute vintage toy I just couldn’t leave behind. Layering definitely creates depth and interest to your décor (in my opinion). I stacked two vintage suitcases next to the chair as an up-cycled side table and set 3 Glitter Ombre Pumpkins of varied size and style on top for something fun. I imagine I will trade these out soon for some other odd numbered set of fun collections as the holidays and seasons change (generally when decorating free space in your house odd numbered items with varying size, texture, color ect is complementary to the eye and space).


One of my precious little people found the “new” vintage find and was excited to imagine and play. I love vintage things….they tell a story where ever they are…they evoke creativity for me and bring my mind to a time that was simpler….and there my mind rests in peace…thus I love this ‘ol 1917 farmhouse. Oh the stories she would tell. Keep following along as I share décor tips in every corner and cupboard in this home…creating memories, art, love and nostalgia with each touch!

If you would like your window treatments to create a place of inspiration in your home don’t forget to enter to win a chance at $1000 of free product from Smith and Noble! Dovidenia friends. XO


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