Warm sand in my toes, the hush of waves calming my nerves and salt crystals settling on my tan, fit, gorgeous ….. POOF! The daydreaming of my exhausted mind from a glorious day of “mom-life” is broken by REALITY! The reality that instead of walking on a warm sandy shore I just struck a nerve by stepping on the nemesis of all feet, LEGOS (I curse you!). The “hush” of  screaming toddlers is “music” to my ears while the snot of my oldest settles on my fair skinned, not consistently fit body. To add more to a tiring day, it’s dinner time! Hungry tummies are calling and dirty dishes waiting. Secrets to simplifying meal time would be the rescue boat to a day at this “beach”!  You don’t want to miss it!

simplify meal time

Meal time is often the last daunting task of a long day of chores, work and caring for children in the life of a mother. I don’t know about you, but I am TIRED by the time evening hits. The last thing I want to do is do more work, preparation and cleaning just to prepare my meal and final task of the night. I desperately need SIMPLE! As a mom of three I think I have finally mastered the art of simple meal time solutions. The secret is, I can’t get all the credit!

ready strainer

Secrets to Simplifying Meal Time

  • Prep Your Food Ahead of Time. Often the most laborious and time consuming task of preparing meals is the dicing, cutting and cleaning of the foods needed to include in your recipe. I have been cutting my produce ahead of time on a weekend day for my planned recipes to make meal prep quicker on late evenings after work.
  • Precook. In addition to cutting and dicing my produce I will precook protein rich foods and pastas al dente on the weekend then freeze them for quick and easy additions to my favorite recipes. For example, if I want to make our favorite Crock-pot Calico Beans all I have to do is toss in the already cooked crumbled hamburger meat. I have found that cooking the meat is the longest part in my meal time process thus by doing this step ahead of time I save a lot of stress in the long run.
  • Meal Planning. Planning ahead is the biggest life savor when it comes to meal time. It is also needed to be able to know what to prep and precook each week in advance. You will find several entree, appetizer and dessert recipes here at Simple Acres you can use in your weekly meal planning.


  • Kitchen Equipment. Lastly, but definitely not least, the types of kitchen equipment and tools we use makes all the difference in if the efforts mentioned above will be able to truly simplify your meal time! My secret is this NEW product soon to be on the market that takes making the parenting task of meal prep easier than ever before! The product I am absolutely in love with is ReadyStrainer it is a strainer with a TWIST!

meal prep made easy

As the picture depicts above, often when meal time hits and meal prep begins our sinks are much fuller to the brim with dirty dishes than most of us would like to admit! This is where my new favorite invention ReadyStrainer comes in! It sits NEXT to your sink ready when you aren’t! It strains those yummy foods without you having to do ANOTHER chore to finish your last task of the day. I hate to do my dishes when I am exhausted at night so I am LOVING this new product!

Here’s the deal friends, if we want this great solution to be on the market for us we have to support it with a pre-order that gets your strainer and this creative invention in the works for you so you can be simplifying your meal time madness like the superwoman you are! Click here to learn more about the genius of a dad who invented this product with YOU in mind!

So there you have it my amazing friends! Let’s toast to planning, prepping and cooking ahead and amazing inventions that make us successful in all we do! Cheers. XO


P.S. This article is not sponsored but just an honest and genuine opinion about a product I have personally experienced and believe in! I also love supporting peoples dreams of entrepreneurship and creativity. I will only share products I believe in here at Simple Acres. My heart is to help and enrich your life!

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