Weather of all sorts can cause the need to stay indoors. After several days, weeks and in our case MONTHS a mom could possibly lose what sanity is left in their brain. I don’t know about you but my brain has never been quite the same since having children thus preservation is priority! All joking aside, I am excited to share some kids indoor activities that will keep your little ones entertained, you sane and create fun for all!

I have gathered some fun ideas from some of the best mom bloggers across the internet. I hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy quality time indoors with your kids.

  1. Printable Dress Up Dolls and Imagination: This is such a timeless activity enjoyed by kids that really allows them to use their creativity. For the dress up doll printable visit Moms and Crafters.

2. Make Snow Ice Cream: I remember making “snow slushies” with juice as a kid. This recipe is much more delicious and can be found at a wonderful site called Playground Parkbench.

3. Make classic paper snowflakes: There are so many varieties to make and ways to decorate with paper snowflakes with your kids. Find out how to create these beautiful paper snowflakes at Craftulate.

4. Make play dough snowmen: When the weather is too chilly to go outside this is the perfect activity to entertain kids while encouraging hands on creativity. You can find more on this activity at Crafty Kids at Home.

5. Create an indoor obstacle course: What better to offer entertainment and physical activity than an obstacle course! Get inspired with all the ideas to create your own at Playground Parkbench.

6. Have an indoor snowball fight: Learn how to make yarn snowballs as well as 8 other great winter indoor activities right here at Simple Acres.

There are also many great places to take your children on days when the weather is cold too!

Lots of love to you this season. Dovidenia. xo




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