Winter wonderland full of ice, snow and freezing fog has been our season lately. ¬†Days of canceled school and children moaning of “boredom” with weather cold enough to freeze off an ear creates the need for entertainment indoors! The weather makes me want to enjoy cozy hot cocoa drinks, snuggles with my loves and knitting scarves. After what seemed like the 100th time my child stated boredom after nearly a week of snow days I came up with this idea. Yarn Pom Pom Snowballs are the perfect way to allow the kids to have an indoor snowball fight! Here’s how we did it.



  • several spools of yarn depending on how much you would like to make
  • scissors

*This is a great time to use that yarn you have had laying around!


How to

  1. Wrap the yarn about 75 times around the palm of your hand.
  2. Slide yarn off and tie tightly with another piece of yarn in the middle of your yarn bundle.
  3. Cut the formed loops of your yarn to create a pom pom snowball.

See the video below for a visual tutorial. You will see how simple this DIY is and how much fun I had with my kids!

These yarn snowballs take minutes to make and are fun for hours as the kids pretend, play and have their own indoor snowball fight!


For more activity ideas I have 9 fun snow day activities as well. If you like the idea of learning more about crafts and tutorials that involve yarn THE BEST site to get all things yarn and knitting is with my friend from Knits’ End!

Look at just one example of the project you could finally be able to relax and make while your kids are entertained with their yarn snowballs!


Stay cozy friends and have fun! Dovidenia. XO


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