This winter has been the worst I have seen in all the years living here. A better description would be that we have been getting A TON of snow! I actually love it, but now with nearly two weeks of “snow days” cabin fever is in full swing! I have 9 fun snow day activities we enjoyed that will make your days simpler as a parent and be sure to entertain the little ones.


Blankets of snow cover our acres making for a winter wonderland we have never quite experienced like this. The poor cows are chilly yet stunningly beautiful as ice crystal hang on their fur.

The kids have had many excursions on the sled with dad, the four wheeler and our snowy field. Snow angels and having snowball fights have been all the rage in my neck of the woods!

What do you do when the kids are cold and ready to bunker in for the day? We all know our personal sanity is on the line and we need solutions for the madness of continual snow days! Fun indoor activities are key for creating those smile worthy moments that etch memories in our hearts.

9 Fun Snow Day Activities


  1. Read a book with a snack. Reading a favorite library book with a great snack such as Goldfish is a favorite of ours.


2. Hot cocoa. Yep, that’s it! We drink cocoa like it is an event of itself in my home. Fancy cups and straws with marshmallows is our winter pass time.

3. Have an indoor snowball fight. We created yarn pom poms large enough to zip through the air. See the video below for inspiration and direction.

4. Play games – It is amazing what kids come up with for play when you encourage creativity. I gave the kids some Goldfish crackers, paper and markers and they created tic-tac-toe games and a points system game for the colors of crackers they picked out of the bag.


5. Get silly – I came into the kitchen to find my kids giggling as they were wiggling there noses as they were attempting to wiggle their Goldfish crackers into their mouth from their forehead. We played music and danced silly and just laughed together.


7. Encourage art: I took a large sheet of white craft paper, taped it to the floor and drew a “land” on it with characters. The kids were entertained for hours coloring it, adding to it and playing with their toys on their imaginary world.


8. Get outside – Even with the cold, we got outside for a bit and slid down snow hills, made snow angels and threw snowballs. Laughter and fun was had by all while I had fun capturing these special smile worthy moments!


9. Create stop motion animation – This was something fun we had never done before. This was a project that involved time, collaboration and creativity! Watch below our stop motion video of our Snow Day Fun and see how to make your own stop motion video with your kids!

Get inspired and learn more about the Goldfish Tales Animation Xperience! Visit the GoldfishTales page to submit your stop motion for a chance to win $5,000!

I hope our 9 Fun Snow Day Activities inspire you to cherish the snow days and special moments more with your little ones!



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