Education is invaluable to me.

Being a daughter of teachers has been a gift I truly cherish, especially as a mother myself. I was always taught that education was a valuable possession that no one could take away from me. I was taught my hard work and education would offer benefit to my life and be a driving force in opening doors to opportunities. I am thankful for the values that were instilled in me and because of them I am excited to celebrate Back to School with Purpose for my children. Join me as I share Lessons I Learned as a Teacher’s Kid.

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Before I go into the valuable lessons I cherish as a teacher’s kid, I first want to focus on a state of gratitude for the education I received and my children receive. There are so many schools and children who suffer because of lack of funds for much needed materials to support their education.

Education IS THE CORE of our society and the foundation of our future.

To realize that one of the most important aspects of our society and country has areas of lack is heart breaking to me. It also sparks a fire of passion for striving for better!

I have GOOD NEWS on how we all can make a difference! 

The Box Tops for Education initiative is helping get your children’s school some much needed funding. At Walmart you can get 5-for-1 Box Tops with the purchase of a single food item!

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I am feeling an array of emotions about this coming school year. It is the first year ALL my children will be in school. I feel a sense of sadness as we shift to a new time in our lives and say goodbye to babyhood. I feel a sense of fear that my babies are “leaving the nest” a little more.  What emotion I feel more than all of those is HOPE and EXCITEMENT as I watch each of them grow and develop in a multitude of ways. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they make new friends or experience something new. The sense of self pride when then overcome a hurdle and achieve a new feat is so rewarding to watch.  I just love looking in their eyes and taking their little personhood in.

What grows this, besides love and a nurturing home, is EDUCATION.mothering and farming

I can close my eyes and smell the cool crisp air of the first day of school, the feeling of butterflies in my stomach and sense the newness of pencils and notebooks in my hands as I am bubbling with excitement to learn new things. My first day of school feels like yesterday when I reflect.  What is even better than my memories of back to school days past is watching my kids experience it here and now.

I can truly say as being a teacher’s kid, back to school time and the anticipation of learning something new was always something I loved. 

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5 Lessons I Learned as a Teacher’s Kid:

  1. Learning is fun. My parents passion and excitement for education made me respond to education with excitement. I think this speaks volumes! Our attitudes towards learning impacts the way our children think about learning.
  2. Everyone learns differently and that is OK. Never once did I feel less than because I am a poor auditory learner. I always received the message from my parents that differences in learning is normal and acceptable and they focused on my strengths and abilities. This created good self esteem within me.
  3. Education creates opportunities. I can hear my dad’s voice saying, “A college degree will help you in the future.” This was often with the understanding that even if I did not use that education in its specific purpose there was a simple value in upper education regardless. I was taught from youth that doors open with education.
  4. Education and knowledge is something that is mine ALL mine. There is such a pure value in education, wisdom and a knowledge base that enables a person to analyze life in amazing ways. I was taught that education is something that can never be taken from a person and to value it as we value ourselves.
  5. Invest in others education to grow. Helping others to learn is a vital tool to encouraging self growth in character and knowledge. Teaching others something that helps their life or giving of oneself in talent or funds are a few ways to continue the cycle of education in our communities.

As you can see, for me because of my parents value in education I benefited with a very positive perspective of education and self.

We have the opportunity to do that NOW!

Imagine being able to help others by making a delicious meal for your family such as this  Lime Chicken Taco recipe, as pictured below. You GET TO HELP others JUST by BUYING the foods that carry the Box Tops for Education initiative.

At Walmart you can get 5-for-1 Box Tops with the purchase of a single food item! That is food with benefits, friends!

tacos and lime

There are so many things to cherish in life! Our children and the precious moments life offers to learn are invaluable. Savor it mamas and seep excitement and the joy of education into their little brains and hearts.

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Help support learning and the tools needed to provide the best education for our communities by visiting Walmart. Shop General Mills’ products and then clip, send and earn!

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I had fun finding all the great foods I would be using in my family’s  meals all the while scoring mega box top points! Just head to your cereal, dairy and grain isles to find General Mills’ products! Dovidenia. XO



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