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Life has been busy, beautiful and chaotic here at Simple Acres. Autumn brings beautiful colors, family traditions, holidays to look forward to and “bugs” we need to fight off to stay healthy. How do you and your family stay healthy as the season changes and the holidays come? There are a few tips that promote a healthy family that are helpful for us we are excited to share!


We have a lot going on as mothers. I found myself in bed with a cold this week and what I realized is how much my family needs me to be my healthiest. We as mothers have so many roles that often we forget to take care of ourselves or we just can not find the time.

Here are my 10 Tips that promote a healthy family:

  1. Take a time out. When it comes to health, rest is KEY to prevention. I am guilty as charged and can be the worst at this BUT I am taking a self-care stay-cation this week to rest and reset. We need this as moms and our kids even need this too. Rest helps keep our bodies functioning optimally to ward off illness. I am working hard to be intuitive to my bodies signs of weariness as well as my children’s this season and trying to be proactive with extra rest as needed.


2. Have a plan. Helping our kids and selves to be healthy through the holiday and fall-winter season takes planning and being prepared. This includes having an idea what you want to serve for dinner and snacks that are healthy to when you will get in physical activity. Planning comes in many forms but to keep it simple just write a note, journal or type it in your notes in your phone. Once written, there is a much higher chance of follow through.


Look at that cow, isn’t she cute!? I love how fluffy our black Angus cows ears get and they are the most inquisitive and peaceful animals. Also, very weird when they all come from 5 acres away and stare at you…I digress and there I am present with the slobbery cow. That brings me to number three.

3. Be present. Even in the midst of chaos I try to check in with myself and what I feel I need to maintain health (nourishment, activity, rest, spirituality) and what my family needs whether it is extra attention, rest, love or an extra healthy drink to start their day. Being present is part of that time out I mentioned above and helps in the planning process for your family’s success.


4. Stay active. It is easy to not exercise as the weather cools and our schedule fills with festivities and delicious foods. Often it is said people gain 10-15 pound during the holiday season of the year. Exercise is a powerful tool to ward of holiday pounds, decrease stress, boost our immune system and practice self care. What activity does as a mom is it models healthy behavior to your little ones. I have been running bleachers for 6 months now and when I take my kids they ACTUALLY run WITH ME! This is because they see the exercise as norm and fun! 15 minutes three times per week with 25 sit-ups and push-ups has been my regimen. With such minimal time I have seen and felt big results.

5. Be Realistic. You will not be perfect mamma. The reality is you will miss that daily vitamin, workout or servings of produce some days. Remember CONSISTENCY not perfection is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a family. Keeping your perspective more positive and realistic with decrease the stress of all that’s on your plate.

6. Laugh often. A happy heart really is good medicine as it decreases stress hormones that effect your health and immunity negatively. Family movie nights with funny movie themes, telling jokes and getting silly with the kids are all great ideas to keep “the funny” alive.


7. Love often. Love is healing, uplifting, rewarding and comforting. Whether it is quality time spent, gift giving or kind words….love truly is the bodies best medicine.


8. Start your day right. I’m finding myself eating my moms pumpkin pie for breakfast and snacks this time of year! We need a convenient way to get in the antioxidants our body needs aside from the enjoyable foods the season offers. I am excited to share V8® Veggie Blends: Caribbean Greens juice drink. It is natural, healthy and convenient. This is a new flavor that you can find at Walmart. What I loved about is it’s tasty but not too sweet as its 75% juice, 25% water and contains no added sugar or food additives and is only 60 calories per serving. Just drinking a cup or two at breakfast gets me nearly to goal intake for vegetables for the day!


9. Increase produce intake. We need to eat more fruits and vegetables (2.5-3cups a day of vegetables per the USDA) than ever this season to equip our bodies  with the antioxidants needed to maintain health. Busy schedules and picky kid appetites generally wreak havoc on this goal. One cup of V8® Veggie Blends: Caribbean Greens equals a half a cup of raw vegetables which means meeting your goals just got simpler! Bring on the vitamin A,C and E.


10. Connect. Take time out, retouch with yourself and the Greater Good to reboot your body from the inside out. Here I am enjoying my V8® Veggie Blends: Caribbean Greens soaking in what nature has to offer on our farm. Watching my kids play in the pumpkin patch and counting my blessings!


Get your   V8® Veggie Blends  now at Walmart in the beverage section of the store.


Quality life, love, health and happiness I wish you! Dovidenia. Xo


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