The isles are filling with candy galore. Everywhere I look as I’m shopping for my weekly groceries I am seeing silly looking pink and red stuffed animals. This must mean love will be in the air soon? ….Or maybe it’s my sarcasm! Ha! I’m not sure what I think of a holiday that encourages love while trying to sell us everything under the sun to express that love…..sooooo….here are some FRUGAL FREEBIE Valentine Printables just for you! Ha!
These Valentine Printables are made to the perfect size to staple over a snack bag of treats. Whether it be for a class valentine party or a surprise to put in your child’s lunch box , these as simple as a click of a button. From Simple Acres to you….we wish you a very lovely (not overly sappy HA) Valentine’s Day! For more Valentine’s Day craftiness you may also like my watercolor valentine banner or valentines bags!
Cupid valentine printable for gift giving.Valentine printable to simplify gift giving.Hugs and kisses valentine printable for gift giving.

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