Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. I have been preparing by making handmade Valentine Watercolor Banners.
I love making my own holiday decor which almost always involves my kids help. I love that simple crafts can unite people and also teach a lesson of taking pride in what one creates. Follow along as I show you a simple craft that will bring a little more love into your home. I think this Paper Valentine’s Banner will do the trick!

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What I love most about this simple Valentine’s Banner is that it requires minimal materials, is quick and as affordable as a shoe string! You can also encourage your children to paint the hearts so holiday decorating becomes a family affair!

Handmade valentines to unite family.

Watercolor Heart Banner Materials:

Watercolor homemade valentines as a children friendly craft.


1.Draw , with black art pen, simple hearts all over your watercolor paper in varied sizes.

2.Paint them as you please.

3.Once dry you can write words on your hearts that inspire love! I also sprinkled watercolor on them as well. For my watercolor process and behind the scenes watercolor tutorials follow the links.

4.Cut all hearts out and hot glue your string to the back of each heart. You can create these banners as short or long as you would like.

Valentine watercolor banner with up cycled mail box.

There you have it friends, another simple craft completed! Where will you hang yours? I chose to hang mine above an up-cycled mail holder I created for the kids. If you like the looks of that you may also love my homemade Valentine Bags or my Up-cycled Wall Organizer. You could truly hang these anywhere! The Valentine’s Watercolor Banner adds a touch of color and Valentine fun where ever you hang it. Happy Valentine’s my friends! Let us squeeze our loved ones tighter this year and savor something yummy with no regrets! Life is short….SAVOR it! Dovidenia. XO



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