Fall is the season of changing leaves, beauty in nature all around us and ample opportunities to create lasting memories with family. Living on a farm encourages a life in the present. Many factors cause this from the responsibilities that our farm entails to the space and nature that surrounds us and calls us through its beauty and calm whispers. I am really focusing on that ever constant need to be present and slow down time with my children. It seems when I can succeed at being present I can savor so much more of what life is truly about. I hope you will continue to follow along with me in this journey as I share our story of fall memory making and my Up-cycled Watercolor Fall Tree Art tutorial.


As a mom and artist, savoring all the special moments life offers always involves some creativity in my neck of the woods! Lately, I have been combating the busyness of life’s demands with intentional quality time with my loved ones. We have taken time out before school to take the little ones for homemade donuts! See more of that here.

Princesses like donuts with colorful sprinkles don't ya know?!??

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We have went downtown to our local farmers markets tasting delicious seasonal produce and flavored vinaigrette and enjoyed small town cuisine and pumpkin patch fun!

We are taking in the beautiful and warming colors God paints in the nature around us and it ALL FEELS SO GOOD! These simple activities in life are OUR SMILE WORTHY moments that I pray leave a lasting imprint on my children’s hearts.


Taking in all these things I wanted to create an art project we could all do that is a reminder of the beautiful season we are in our lives! My Up-cycled Watercolor Fall Tree Art is simple and something you can do while relaxing outside with a yummy snack. We ate Goldfish crackers and painted in our yard on our picnic table together as we reflected and had fun as a family.

Here is the free printable (tree-sketch) for you to use to either print onto paper or you can place it behind a watercolor paper on a window where light is shining in and trace the tree.


Up-Cycled Watercolor Fall Tree Tutorial


  • free printable tree-sketch
  • watercolor paint, brush and paper
  • an old book or music sheets
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • yummy snacks


1. Once you have printed and traced your tree onto watercolor paper allow you kids to paint it how ever they wish.


2. Enjoy the moments and take in the season with simple snacks like these Goldfish crackers and fresh local apples we enjoyed. As a mom and Registered Dietitian I like that Goldfish crackers are always baked with 100% real cheese and have no artificial flavors or preservatives.


3. Snack a little more and paint a little more.


4. Attach the up-cycled watercolor book sheet leaves to the tree with a glue stick. *For a full video and tutorial scroll down.


Here is a full video that shows our Fall fun and this tutorial in full detail.

Smiles come in simple ways here at Simple Acres. We find them in the goofy things the kids say, the simple moments on the farm when we play “bull rider” like this little guy, when we laugh at our parenting imperfections and when we choose to love each other through the chaos and imperfection.


Smile worthy moments do not HAVE TO be created they just need to be allowed through slowing down and savoring them….and that my friends is the life journey I am on and slowly growing better and better (with a few hiccups along the way) at one small moment at a time.


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I hope my Up-cycled Watercolor Fall Tree Art finds you enjoying your Fall season and encourages you to slow down for a few moments and savor your family a little more. Dovidenia. XO


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