Spring is here and it is time to add a pop of color to the farm! It has fun to get the kids involved in beautifying our home and garden! They love playing in the dirt and feeling like they are a part of the country lifestyle we live. We made a simple Tire Garden Planter DIY and are excited to share how you can too!

We started with our favorite plants from Monrovia! They are high quality, beautiful and there planting and growing instructions are detailed and easy to follow. We found the best plants for our region by looking up the Plant Hardiness Zone Map from the USDA. Learn more about the Grow Beautifully Program!

You can find these amazing plants at Lowes or your local plant and floral shop. My kids had a blast spending quality time with me as we picked out our favorite plants. Little Sis was thrilled to find a plant in her favorite color!

My boys were just as excited as they found their plants as well.

We just happened to have an old tractor tire on the farm. My sweet man cut the top out and we were good to set it in our garden to fill with dirt.

To see our full process from start to finish watch our home video on Simple Acres farm!

Creating our Tire Garden Planter was such a fun activity that brought our family together and present in nature. Whether you use an old tire or you just plant Monrovia plants in the bare ground, adding the various colors to your space will bring such beauty to your home. Follow the Monrovia newsletter to learn more about their plants and which ones would be best for you! If you love Spring and gardening you may also like learning how it can teach kids self-sufficient living as well! Happy Spring friends. Dovidenia.

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