My life will never be the same. Before I get to why, I want to share the excitement I feel for this new stage we are in. A stage of growth, renewal, regimen, excitement and often chaos. With several children I can attest we mothers NEED the special moments to last. Today I am going to share my secrets to savoring morning time with toddlers. Like a great piece of delectable dessert, let us savor every moment of life with them. Let me show you how!

the secrets to savoring morning time with toddler

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My children are ALL in school this year. Often this evokes an array of emotions. There is a shift felt to my core regarding the stage my children are in now. This shift feels bittersweet but for the most part I feel excited. I’m excited to watch them learn and grow and heck, a few hours of “mommy alone time” never hurts!

My heart always yearns for special time with my babies. To be present is my constant battle. I battle the need to work, perform daily tasks and responsibilities as I try to hold on to the special moments with my babies as well. This takes INTENTION.

black angus at simple acres

Today started differently. First, with a new Fall season brought on a rather wet and overcast day. These days are my favorite and Fall is my heaven of seasons. For some reason this type of weather makes it easier to slow down. Now, I must say that I am lucky as currently my two “littles” get to start their school later in the day which offers us ample time to spend quality moments together. This will be the LAST year I have both of them still half the day I am home. That being said I want to savor my morning time with my toddlers! 

I hope my story, much in pictures, illustrates my secrets to savoring special moments that can be useful with YOUR kids.

kitties on the look out

We started by walking the farm together and chasing our kittens who are always on the move. It was fun to just “adventure” with my kids and view the world from their angle. These kitties are on the look out for the cows we just recently brought home.

honey bunches of oats

This simple adventure behind the barn with the kids and kittens built up an appetite even our old lab wanted a part of. For our mornings, we want something quick, simple and healthy to eat for breakfast. Something that gives us the energy we need to get busy with our day. This need called for a breakfast break on the porch together.

breakfast time with toddlers

After much nibbling and a few arguments of who’s bowl was who’s my little ones were fed and ready to continue venturing out on the farm.

fighting over honey bunches of oats

We planted pumpkins for the first time this year. The pumpkins are doing amazing and the kids have fun finding and claiming which pumpkin is who’s.

gardening with kids

My little guy is very observant and wanted to check out the size of each pumpkin he found!

growing pumpkins

Then there is my adventure seeker Sis, who would much rather run around and trample on the pumpkins because it’s fun!

toddler outdoor adventures

We did some dog walking and “training” with our black labs.

a girl and her dog

We did some dog lovin’ with hugs and smooches.

lovin on puppies

We called our cows until they came up close to the fence to visit us.

black angus

Sis fed the cows a few ears of corn from our garden.

feeding cows

My little man fed his ear of corn. The throwing as far as he could was his favorite part.

feeding the cows corn crop

We took a hot chocolate break and warmed up. Then we found mud puddles and OF COURSE jumped in them!

jumping in water puddles and hot chocolate

The moral of my story is that the secrets to savoring morning time with toddlers is this:

  1. Feed them full of simple nutritious food for breakfast. A wholesome start is a full tummy and a happy toddler.
  2. Let them lead in adventure.
  3. Follow along whether it being playing with them or catching the memories with photos.
  4. Lastly, reflect often on these savored moments as I am now while writing this to you.

breakfast time with kids

As a mom and blogger I love being able to collaborate with a company I truly love. Honey Bunches of Oats is a cereal I have eaten since I was a kid. I have a nostalgic affection for this cereal. If you haven’t tried all their varieties this is the time to do so!

There you have it friends, savor morning time better. Love life, love yourself and love your family…life is too short for anything less. Dovidenia. XO


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I love this camera for catching special moment with my kids and it is so simple to use my kids use it as well!



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