Raising healthy kids is a goal parents strive for. What exactly helps parents achieve this and how do we do it in an ever changing world? As a Mother of 3 “littles” and Registered Dietitian …I have a few thoughts I’d love to share. Join me as we ponder the timeless ways we raise healthy kids.
Raising Healthy kids with love, quality time and essential oils.

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As for me, raising healthy kids is very important and encompasses their whole being including spiritual, physical and mental. It feels so rewarding when I know I have done my best (most days…wink) to build them up in health.

Here are my 6 ways I am raising healthy kids:
Nutrition and learning with cookies.
1. Nutrition & Education: I love fun ways to increase my kids intake of nutritious foods. My most recent “tool” for this is a snack cookie produced by a lovely couple passionate about health and education! Dick & Jane Educational Snacks are so fun! Each cookie has pictures and words that teach geography, presidential history as well as word and picture recognition. All my kids LOVED seeing and learning what their cookies had on them (often fighting…breath mama…over who had which one). As a mom,  I value a tool that simplifies my ability to teach them new things when…let’s face it…life is hectic at times. Now they can snack on them on the run and learn new things! I had fun interacting with my kids as they shared comments and asked questions! As a Registered Dietitian, I was pleased to see a very natural product with minimal ingredients, low in sugar and fat offering a good source of fiber…all in one convenient sized snack bag. My inner nerdy nutrition self was doing flipper claps and jumping…”Happy Dietitian, happy Mom”! Friends, by now you all know I am straight and honest with you so definitely check out Dick & Jane Educational Snacks out! My kids wouldn’t stop eating them because they thought they were so YUMMY!

2. Creativity & Imagination: I am an art fanatic! Even with my bias, I  am positive research would support the importance of creativity, art and imagination in a developing brain. Creativity is such an amazing way to allow children to express themselves in unique ways. Imagination allows them to play out life in new and exciting ways. I love making art and tools to teach my kids and encourage creative play! An example of this is my Scavenger Hunt cards I have created. My little people love searching for what is on their cards. Through this activity I often guide them to an imaginary place with often fun made up names while teaching shapes, number, colors and new objects and words. I think when we offer our kids creativity we are also offering a piece of ourselves through quality time. Something I believe almost all humans cherish!

3. Nature: I feel blessed to be able to offer my kids an environment where I feel safe to “free-range parent”. With 10 acres of dirt and land to play and adventure in they get to be adventurers! Nature is near or can be found in most settings people live. The simplicity of the wind in their hair, the weather on their skin and dirt in their little hands is not only calming, fun and exciting all in one …. but it connects them to something bigger than themselves. Nature connects kids to their Creator and creates curiosity for life and learning. More on our lifestyle can be read here.

4. Committed Love: 19 years of relationship, love and commitment has brought happiness, joy, tears, grey hair, fine lines, frustration, fun, adventure, suprises and so much more! What our love and commitment does for our kids is what is the most powerful to me! It has the ability to demonstrate the power of love in all its seasons. As parents, our love is an objective symbol of love, stability and safety for them. Our model of  love becomes their confidence in love…and life is for loving. Love offers health and happiness to our kids.

5. Essential Oils: For me, oils have changed the way I help comfort my kids “boo-boos”, calm their toddler mind and excite their palate. Essential oils truly caught me by surprise a year ago. I wasn’t looking for “another thing” to try or spend money on but once I used these “bottles of gold” (I like to call them) with amazing results, I haven’t looked back. My kids ask for oils in the above mentioned circumstances now! They are happy when I use them to aid their complaints thus I’m happy. Do what works (wink) mammas! I also increase their produce with oil infused fruits dip and veggie dip! (If you are curious about oils read more.)

6. Belief in a Greater Good: Faith in something greater than themselves is a foundational part of what promotes health to the whole being of our kids. I love encouraging them to be the love, kindness and positive impact this world always needs. Character building at its finest. (Read about my fun DIY project for this.)Teaching my kids to make good decisions, to be loving and kind, to be generous are all traits that can offer such personal reward. I believe when we equip our kids with lessons of love they live with purpose. I believe a purpose filled life brings health and happiness!

So there it is friends! Nutrition, creativity, nature, love, oils and God are my 6 secrets to raising healthy kids! What would you add to this list? Dovidenia’ XO

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