I was going to write about gift giving and the holidays. I was drawing a blank all day though. What do I want to write about as I share this fun new product with you all? As I sit by a warm fire tonight on our farm with my family my writers block broke. Love for a bearded man.

Love for a bearded man.

That is what my heart feels compelled to write about, so here it goes.


Life is an interesting thing. I am going to be turning another number this month. I can’t help but be reflective.

We are coming on two years of blogging our family and life here at Simple Acres. It has had it’s ups and downs much like love and life. When we got the opportunity to share a fun company called Lovely Beards with our friends and followers it was the first opportunity to truly share my husband as the “star”. For me it was a special time to share more of my dream with him.

We have learned so many things through our twenty years of love . We have seen beautiful and exciting days and hard and dark days together. Doing this article was a complete collaboration of “US” in a way we have never been.

I bet you would never guess this manly, handsome man is actually the eye behind a lot of our lifestyle photography! I hate to admit this because I am stubborn, but he is way better at portraits than I. HA! Give me some yummy food to picture and I am all over it. People are a challenge for me. So imagine a rainy cold day and my “photographer hubby” is directing, questioning and giving me his two cents (he was mostly right, I admit) while I am picturing him. We bicker, tease and love. It’s just what we do.


Then as I finish taking pictures and editing every little part of the pictures I feel full of joy. For one, I still totally crush on him just like when I was a kid. It feels amazing to have an individual who loves you so much he will ride along with your “crazy”. I am sure he has thought many more things as I embarked this new creative field. Joy, love and gratitude are a few of the feelings I felt as I happily edited the pictures.

I look at my bearded man. I am in love. Sometimes love is effortless and sometimes it’s hard. For me, love is a choice we make at the end of our day no matter how it went. I would do anything for this lovely bearded man. Did I mention I like him best with that beard?


This post is much more than a promotion for a fun and natural beard balm and oil. It is about doing things with and for the love in your life. It just so happens my man has a bad ass beard. It just so happens this balm and oil for the gentry was a very natural thing to share with you all. What is even more neat is it inspired me to hone in on this love and gratitude I hold for my bearded man. My rock.

Love is shared in every big and small thing we do in life with those we love. A fun gift such as Lovely Beards oils and balm can be a playful way to show your bearded man you care. My man has allowed my dream to flourish. He’s been there to offer thoughts and wisdom and now he is present to take my hand as we continue in this fun and creative expression of our life, love and family.


That beard….oh….back on topic.

What I like as a woman who is always looking out for my man is that this product is all natural!


We are going to keep living, loving and learning this thing called life TOGETHER. We encourage you to remember that the little gestures of love and care matter. From two imperfect but passionate and dedicated people we hope you can find the contentment and reward in love we have shared through our 20 years together.

If you have a bearded man you love check out Lovely Beards. Their products make a fun and unique gift for any bearded man.

Choose love at the end of the day my friends. Dovidenia. XO


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