With every change of season and celebration I get an overwhelming urge to REDECORATE! It’s a slight problem. I’m ADDICTED to decor and change is my middle name! If you too are addicted to the call of changing colors, textures and styles in your home you have come to the right place! The decor doctor is in and I have a remedy for your problem! Here’s a quick way to decorate your home on a budget.

I can see it now. I’m sitting in a circle surrounded by others. With a shamefaced frown I stand up and speak, “My name is Stefanie and…and…I’m addicted to interior DECORATING! There I said it! I can’t stop. The deals, the sales at vintage stores, the new seasonal Target line…I can’t stop the intense craving to decorate and change the colors and style of my home. I NEED HELP! The new rugs at World Market are whispering my name in my sleep!” OK. I am joking BUT not really. I have experienced the intense love and obsession with decor through my life with excessive spending to support that love. Simple Acres is MY circle and “support group”. It is not only a resource for you my friends but it is a motivator for me toward the more frugal, resourceful, simplified and content life I strive for. So here we are. How to decorate on a budget.

vase materials

What I have found is we have so many things in our home that can be re-purposed and reused. These many things can serve as the beginnings to all sorts of fun, new and BEAUTIFUL decor creations for the home. Look forward to more fun ways to reduce waste, save money and decorate to your hearts desire here at Simple Acres.

Up-Cycled Home Decor Materials:

  • Used jars (Mason, spaghetti jars, wine bottles)
  • A roll of twine, rope and ribbon
  • Hot glue and gun

jar craft


  1. Clean the jars and remove all paper, residue and glue. For a natural, non-toxic and affordable cleaner click here.

craft jar

2. Start at the base of the jar. While securing the rope with hot glue at the base, start placing glue on the jar as you wrap the twine around the jar until the entire jar is covered to the top.

3. You can braid the twine and create a thicker rope to wrap the jar. You can create patterns by using different ribbon and rope as well.


I am in love with the black and white tribal southwestern style in this season of life thus that was the vibe I chose. The great thing with up-cycled decor is because it is extremely affordable it is not much of a loss to choose themes more “trendy” that may not be to your liking in the coming months or years. For inspiration in kitchen decor you can review this simple timeless tips as well as my Instagram has inspiration with this specific post.

upcycled vases

There you have it my fellow decorating addicts! I hope you enjoyed this quick way to decorate your home on a budget. Dovidenia. XO



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