Short and sweet.

I do not love to clean. I LOVE CRAFTS! When I can clean my craft project in seconds while taking in the aroma of juicy lemons ….I am in bliss! I had to share my new found use for my favorite Young Living oils! Not only does citrus oil clean hard to remove grime, goo and who-knows-what but it is not dangerous to my health like so many cleaning and craft products today!

I just placed one drop of lemon oil on my jar as pictured above and with easy rubbing the sticky goo that is so hard to remove ( My crafters out there… you know what I am talking about!) came off effortlessly.

What is even better is once I was done with my project, I used my delicious lemon smelling rag to (ACTUALLY…ha) clean my hard wood floors with! I just added some water to my oil filled rag and I got a “two-for-one”!

Lemon Essential oil may also be used for such things as to promote wellness, maintain healthy immunity and mental health and much more. If you are curious about essential oils,  keep in touch and click here for more info!

On to more efficient cleaning and CRAFTING I go! Dovidenia. XO

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