Finding your healthiest you starts with creating new healthy HABITS you can LIVE WITH! Starting the day off with at least half my produce needs, some probiotics for good measure and antioxidants for DAYS….is a great way to start. Join me in this routine and, please,  keep in touch with me as to how you feel AND how it positively inspires you in your behaviors the rest of the day! I find when I start the day doing something nourishing for my body it positively impacts my energy,  my food choices and attitude the rest of my day!

A pinch or two of wheatgrass and spinach
1/4 c pineapple
1/2 banana
Frozen berries
Coconut yogurt
GoodBelly probiotic supplement with vitamins(I find these at Yokes)
I add some almond milk if I need more liquid (enriched with calcium and vitamin D) OR use 2 oz Young Living Ninxia Red
*for added protein use Greek yogurt for 7-14 g added protein depending on the portion you add
*To learn more about Young Living and its benefits on your health click the link and then hit the drop box at the top of the screen it links you to

I throw it all in my Magic Bullet and in 30 sec to 1 minute I have a delicious breakfast ready to start my day on a great foot! (The babies enjoy it too…wink.)


Use this recipe as a way to pack your day with an antioxidant punch and get you on your way to Finding the Healthiest you!


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