Structure and routine is coming back to the Simple Acres home soon. Long gone will be the late nights catching bugs in the field, swimming at grandmas or traveling with family. Routine and schedule calls for a plan for success and still time to enjoy our children. These 20 Back to School Snacks and Activities will help you solve the need for nourishment in their bellies and hearts.

back to school snacks and activities

I always loved back to school time as a kid. The smell of new pencils and erasers, the vibrant selections of notebooks and the curiosity and excitement of learning something new are memories and senses I still enjoy reflecting on. As a mother I get to relive it all, but better yet with my kids!

There is one draw back to this time of year, that is BUSYNESS.

I thought this back to school round up would be a great help in planning this season to come.


Healthy back to school snacks are a must to keeping our kids growing, learning and performing in their life with the utmost success. I admit as a mom and Dietitian it can be a challenge.

To simplify this I am excited to share a healthy snack recipe roundup.

Blueberry Bran Muffins

blueberry bran muffins

Veggie Egg Rolls 

vegetable egg rolls

Homemade Granola

homemade granola

Homemade Hummus


Tropical Pinwheels

healthy snacks

Veggies with Dill Dip

veggie dip

Citrus Fruit Dip with Berry and Banana Kabobs


Health Smoothie


Cheese and Fruit Kabobs


Mini Mozzarella Pizza 


Healthy eating can be simple and fun! With all the ideas I gave you, you will be prepared for back to school time. 

Here are a few other simple ideas to spend quality time with your kids or “dates” like me and my little ones like to call it:

  • Visit your local library. My kids love loading up on books they get to pick. Best yet, it is FREE!
  • Take time out to play sports outside WITH your kids. That extra time and attention is something you both with soak in.
  • Get creative together. Keep it simple bring out the markers, crayons, paints and paper and “freestyle”.
  • Get outside. Make up a game, scavenger hunt, or late season gardening.
  • Pretend with them. If your kids are still young enough for this, this is something cherish with my kids.
  • Dance party. The kids and I love to put on music and dance and be silly together. Another simple way to savor each other, laugh, de-stress and wear out the little ones.
  • Go to the park. Be present at the playground with your kids or at minimum put down your mobile device and watch them as they play and laugh.
  • Movie night. Check out this new movie as a family. It is fun to experience something new together,
  • Snack together. Eat these healthy snacks i mentioned to you TOGETHER. Encourage your kids to reflect on their day with you and just TUNE IN and LISTEN.

There you have it friends, 20 Back to School Snacks and Activities that make eating healthy fun, simple and delicious. Dovidenia. XO


PS- Here is a BONUS 15 more activity ideas!







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