Have you ever had an idea you wanted to express to the world but were to afraid to do so? Whether you are a stay at home mom or a woman who works a nine to five, you have something unique to share with the world.

Your passions and aspirations are the blossom of creative ideas come to fruition. Often we hold these beautiful blooms inside to never share. Is it fear? Maybe we don’t have the confidence to step outside of our own box. Possibly we lack the tools and knowledge needed to take the first step.

Barriers to experiencing the joy of creative self expression can be broke. I have answers!

Who else wants to be an entrepreneurial woman BOSS? I have some tips and a new tool I can not wait to share!

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What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

To be an entrepreneurial woman BOSS can be simplified with a few focused steps.

I have been an entrepreneur at heart as long as I can remember. As a child, whether it be developing a popsicle stand or making jewelry for a local bizarre, the need to create has always been present. I yearn to express myself with creativity and be a positive influence in the world.

By sharing some of my entrepreneurial process I hope to help you find YOUR start.

I started years ago making jewelry as a way to reduce stress from the hectic days of parenting which funded lifes extra expenses. This initial step in creativity has blossomed into a fruitful part-time online blogging and art business I’m having a hard time keeping up with. (This is a good thing folks!)

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  • 5 Important Points to Release Your Inner BOSS:
  1. Confidence is Your Inner BOSS Foundation. Be honest with yourself. That “thing” you do or have about you that comes naturally, YES that,THAT is your gift! When you choose to identify as the gifted person you are it will intensify its value.  Describing myself as an Artist and Creative developed a value in my gifts I hadn’t held before. I began to sense others valued my gifts more when I “owned” them.  Believe me, it took years for me to call myself an Artist due to lack of self appreciation in my gifts and confidence in myself. Now I am experiencing more entrepreneurial opportunities in my life then EVER before.
  2. Hone your Craft. Strive to be THE BEST version of you. I have found in my own journey, putting out your best quality of work WILL get you noticed. I am constantly researching online, surrounding myself with people succeeding in their craft and more knowledgeable than myself daily. Saturate yourself with books and research, practice your craft and gifts, ask for honest feedback for growing, take classes and improve your tools. Online references, Facebook communities, classes and books have been my resources for growth that I have found helpful.
  3. Step out of Your Box. Become present in life as the BOSS you are! Online presence is the leading place to initiate your presence in a larger scale. I spread my artistry initially by just sharing my leisurely projects and art on my private social media outlets. This sparked interest while I was building my business. Since then I have sold my work on random internet communities, in brick and mortar boutiques, and now in my own Etsy shop with promotion through my blog. Be friendly and don’t be afraid of being denied. YIKES. I know putting yourself out there can be scary but in my experience the denials have come much less than the positive interest I have received. Without risk the reward often can not come into fruition.
  4. Unite with Other BOSSES. Grow and form friendship, mentorship and community with others in your field. Success and growth comes easier as you make connections, bless others with your gifts and humble yourself to learn from others when they offer to share. So much more can be achieved when we unite in our creativity. Find Facebook groups in your craft, entrepreneur groups online, and local meetings in your hometown that focus on growth, support and collaboration. The relationships you develop with be priceless.
  5. Be Efficient in Your Process. Your time is valuable. I am still learning how to improve my business efficiency. Lately, delegation has been my tool of choice. Tools and programs that simplify your entrepreneurial process is HUGE in your success. I have found a company and service that is exciting me in the realm of my business that involves my Artistry! CRATEJOY is my new business secret I can’t wait to implement! Cratejoy is a subscription box service for promoting your entrepreneurial efforts. Converting your customer to a subscriber builds a fan base and community around your skills in addition to consistent revenue. I am excited to how this will allow me to create a more efficient work flow in my handmade goods. Cratejoy allows you to sell, promote, ship and process payments in a single platform. I have set myself up for their 14 day free trial set up and I am LOVING the format and simplicity. Tools that achieve more for you with your time is invaluable.

Start your FREE 14 day trial NOW! Join the largest subscription format for entrepreneurs there is! Everyone who enters their email in the link will be entered to win one of 5 $200 free shipping credit on Cratejoy for when you launch your store.


PS. I used the model of hand crafted goods as this was my first BOSS step in my life, but you can apply this to a service or knowledge based aspiration as well. Good luck!



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