You walk in the door from a day of busyness to be greeted by a hungry family, a house to pick up, homework to help with, animals to feed and the list continues. Life can offer a lot of stress at times! Art has always been an outlet for me. It takes me to a peaceful place where my mind is still as I’m engulfed into the piece I am working on. The process of creating watercolor art is something that offers me reprieve from the madness of life. Art can express who you are and where life has brought you in the moment. I personally have not found a better way to live in the moment than when I am deep in thought and creation of a piece of art. Let me bring you into a very special place of mine where creativity, vibrant colors and the flow of paint can sooth the soul.

watercolor art


The process of creating art began for me as a child. It was my way of reflecting the world around me as well as expressing what I felt like on the inside. Art was my voice to speak to the world about what mattered to me. The watercolor piece in this post was inspired by my oldest son who, unfortunately, follows after his momma at times with fear and worry. I found this quote and thought is was a great statement of encouragement from my heart to his. So simply, we can see how art can truly be a message to those we love as well as strangers alike.


The Process of Creating Watercolor Art

  • I started this piece by free handing the lettering in varied styles. I proceeded with my teal base color, painting around the lettering with brush strokes from the center of the words out.


  • I spread the paint fading the color with strokes from a water dipped brush.


  • I layered and added a deeper blue to the piece to add depth.
  • I added darker blue in the center and corners of my lettering to create a more dramatic difference in color to create more dramatic contrast in the lettering. I then blended and smoothed everything with a diluted watered down brush. I followed similar techniques for the arrows and feathers.


Once complete I matt and framed it in a barn wood frame. The process of creating watercolor art is simple, fun and RELAXING. I encourage you to give it a try while enjoying the process, stress release and personal expression. To my son,” Be brave, my little one!” XO

P.S. Prints and originals are available at my shop at Simple Acres.

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