Being a mother is a gift I cannot even describe with words and give justice to my feelings. Life often brings times due to varied opportunities and/or circumstances that allow more quality time with loved ones. I am experiencing such a time currently. As I prepare for back to school time like so many other parents, there is one thing I truly want to do to make my children’s school year that much better! As much as I possibly can, I want to find ways to create smile worthy moments for my kids. Today I am sharing the best ways to encourage your child to do just that!

We can feel as though we fail as parents some days. The busyness of Fall and back to school time brings new stresses and “to-do’s” that can add to the challenges that often get in the way of reaching the goals we hold as parents.

What I have learned through the years is instead of focusing on the “moments of lack” such as the times we lose patience we can choose to focus on the smile worthy moments in our families.

What I believe is even better than focusing on the positive is actually CREATING those positive smile worthy moments with our kids. I have learned through the years if I keep focusing each day on striving to create the positive, with time I WILL become the parent I want to be.

Here are the 10 ways I intend to encourage my kids:

  • Start each day reminding your child of one very specific thing about them you love.
  • Learn your child’s love language, then make a point to do something special one-on-one weekly to demonstrate this to them. My children all vary in their love needs but one they ALL value is focused quality time.
  • Remind your child you believe in them AND their ability to reach goals and aspirations.
  • Remind your child it’s ok to make mistakes.
  • Help your child set attainable goals they are passionate about.
  • Enable your child to reach their set goals by demonstrating in your own life the characteristics needed to persevere, have self discipline and have focus in life.
  • Hold your child’s hand literally and figuratively, as needed.
  • Never give up on them.
  • End your day with them reflecting. Teach them the power of joy through gratitude.
  • Offer sweet reminders of your love through notes and creativity.


I created the snack labels that are pictured below. These can be printed here. Just print them out sized at 4 x 6 inches or 5 x 7 inches, fold them in half, place them over snack bags, place two holes in the top and secure with twine.

This is such a simple demonstration of how you can encourage your kids with a loving sweet note they can carry with them. Whether they are running around after school, needing a snack at soccer practice or enjoying a snack break at school they will have a smile brought to their face as they are reminded of your love and special attention to detail.

We filled our snack bags with Goldfish® because its such a simple snack all my kids enjoy!

If your family is a fan of Goldfish® you may also love this fun craft we created, our Up-Cycled Watercolor Fall Tree. 

Their Goldfish® homepage also offers my information and ideas for your family.

Another REALLY FUN thing my kids absolutely fell in love with using Goldfish® was creating our very own Stop Motion video! This offered the opportunity for amazing quality time spent together being creative. My oldest still asks to create more of these!

Check out more fun inspiration at the Goldfish® Youtube channel.

So as you can see there are many ways to encourage your child! From simple statements made to paying attention to details with sweet notes. The options are endless to create the smile worthy moments you with cherish for years to come.

Head over to the Goldfish® Pinterest account for more on back to school ideas, crafts and fun snacks. Here’s to starting the new school year with our kids better than the last! Dovidenia. XO

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