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The days of parenting are slow but the years are fast. Have you heard that saying before? I’m always looking for ways to savor the long days of raising little ones while keeping my thoughts on how I want my children to be when they grow up. Kindness and love have been my continual mantra to my kids. At times it can be challenging to infuse kids with the values we strive for as parents. I’ve found an unexpected source to serve as a “life’s teacher” in our two labs. There are 5 ways pets can enrich your kids life and I cant wait to share!

Raising three young children is rewarding yet is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s human nature to be self focused and as mommas I bet you feel that struggle with your kids daily! The “it’s mine first” fights, “me first” demands or the “I want them ALL” complaints can push a mom to the edge some days!

I have a solution! 

With the warmth of Spring upon us with Summer just around the corner playing outside with our pets has been an amazing outlet for my kids to grow into the human I hope them to be. One with strong character and morals that is loving, kind, creative, responsible and so much more!

Cami and Sage are our black labs who we love dearly. What’s amazing about our dogs is the amount of unconditional love they offer us. Dogs can be an amazing tool for enriching kids lives. This post will share how you benefit from your beloved pets and how to SAVE on the BEST food to nourish them! If you click on the image below you can get a coupon to try what I am talkin’ about!

Look at my sweet girls playing. It just warms my heart!

The other day as I glanced out of my dining room window I saw my most particularly ornery child playing happily. As a mom of three I completely hold hope in the fact that the ornery stage we are experiencing is that lovely side effect of being three. It was just so refreshing to see her content and happily playing with Cami as she gently placed a baby stuffed kitty on our dogs back. Our dogs are always there to let the kids play, hug and lay on them. They offer the perfect outlet for our kids to express love and practice kindness. 

5 Ways our Pets Enrich our Kids Lives

  1. Promotes kindness naturally.  Without a lesson or spoken word the wagging of their tail, the lick on a cheek or an EXCITED greeting from your dog offers opportunities of kind reciprocation from the kids. It models a positive behavior and energy that is natural to emulate as they are developing.
  2. Ownership. To call a dog your own is a powerful thing. It creates a relationship of unconditional love and commitment. My kids so often state care, concern and interest in our pets general well being and needs.
  3. Creative play.  It’s so often my kids are playing “house” or are caught up in some other form of an imaginary world. Dogs serve as a wonderful play mate as they enter their imaginary worlds.
  4. Love. Physical expressions of love such as hugs and kisses to our pups as well as quality time throwing the ball with the dogs is a great foundation to growing in behaviors that express love to others in the future. It teaches them physical care, love in action and in quality time.
  5. Pride and self esteem. There is something to be said about kids having responsibility. My kids love to feed our dogs. They find reward in caring for them and pride in themselves for their ability to do so. 

There are so many reasons to believe in the power of your pets and where that all starts is in the food your nourish them with! Lately we have been trying Purina Beyond and loving it because it’s all natural with real meat poultry or fish as the #1 ingredient,no corn/wheat /soy and no artificial additives or fillers. As a Registered Dietitian myself I also value their products are backed by animal nutritionists.

Check out your local Kroger, Fred Meyer or Ralphs where you can have a Kroger savings using a $3 off coupon (offer ends 6/29/17) to get your dog some nourishing Purina Beyond dry dog food!

I hope you enjoy the beautiful warmer season and savor the moments loving your families and feeling the enrichment your pets offer to you and yours! You may also love to reflect on how to teach your kids self sufficiency and other ways to grow in kindness if you enjoyed this article.

Dovidenia. XO

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