The 15 best ways to declutter your entry way are just a few simple steps away! I have been obsessed with cleaning  and organizing lately with  tasks YOU can get done in an hour or less ! Today we are going to bring our focus in on the first place you see when you walk in the door, your ENTRY WAY! Join the Less Clutter Facebook group to get pumped up to clean and declutter your life so you can achieve a more abundant life on less!

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There have been many days that I would walk in the door only to be met with such clutter and mess I felt like just walking right back out of the front door! Can you relate?

With 3 small kids, the dirt of living on a farm and the demands of life, it is easy for your entry way to become the “catch all” to life. Unfortunately, this creates an unwelcoming entry most often.

It feels overwhelming, right?!

How much more peace and time would you have if you were less overwhelmed with stuff? With less stuff and more order you can have more time for what matters in your life!

If just cleaning is overwhelming to you before you can even consider decluttering check out these tasks you can get done in an hour or less!

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Before I share my after pictures that hopefully motivate you, here was my BEFORE! My entry had become such a catch all it wasn’t a greeting entry any more.

Now for my AFTER, that has left me much less overwhelmed! I can enter my home and feel peace.

Here are 15 Best Ways to Declutter Your Entry Way

  1. Asses your space. Take in your space it’s limitation and space. Decide how you want your area to flow that offers visual appeal but is also functional.
  2. Reduce duplicates. Pull all your shoes, hats and gloves (and whatever else you are storing in your space) out and inventory how much of each you really need (or at least need at your entry). I kept about 2 pairs of shoes for each family member in the entry in baskets for each person. The remaining shoes can be stored in a nice shoe storage unit in another area of the house.
  3. Remove items that don’t belong. Car seats, bags and papers. What items are in your entry right now that need a new home? Identify this and move them out!
  4. Find a home for other items. Shoe organizers, paper organizers, key hangers...there are so many things that can help you find a place for your stuff.
  5. Organize. I found baskets on sale to organize shoes and to be a ” catch all” to organize things and keep the area tidy.
  6. Create a simple “catch all”. I chose a basket but you can pick a cool vintage box or any container you like to make it easy to place excess that life brings through the weeks.
  7. Organize your mail. I used a frame with clips to pin my incoming and outgoing mail.

8. Contain your shoes. My kids love having the very own basket for their shoes. These baskets with chalkboard tags are my favorite.

9. Contain your hats and gloves. Find a specific place for these. Organize like items together. We use our vintage hutch for this.

10. Back packs and school stuff. You can use over a over the door hanger, coat hanger or mountable hooks.

11. Hooks for keys and glasses.This not only gives a specific ‘home’ for your keys but you will gain so much time in your day that used to be wasted finding keys.

12. Keep it functional. Keep in mind the main things you need to be able to do in your entry. Often this includes, mail management, putting on your shoes and outer wear.

13. Create reflection. This tip isn’t decluttering but reinforces all you hard work decluttering as a wall mirror creates a sense of space with its reflection.

14. Clean it. You my tips above to keep you area clean.

15. Create routine to maintain. Set a goal to spend 5 minutes before bed picking up. This will make keeping the area tidy not overwhelming.


If you found this article helpful you may also find ways to label and organize helpful as well as mud room organization.

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I hope you found these 15 Best Ways to Declutter Your Entry Way helpful as you work to decrease your stuff!




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