The sun is out finally and the dust and cobwebs is more evident than ever! Let’s simplify Spring clean up and make it a process that leaves us feeling accomplished! Less clutter and more calm is my mantra lately. Let me share a trick that makes cleaning seem less overwhelming!

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Do you ever find yourself so overwhelmed by your clutter and list of cleaning “to-do’s” that you procrastinate or avoid it all together? Maybe that is you but you feel stressed out ALL the time because of your environment. Do you feel like you are cleaning all the time yet it doesn’t look like you made a dent?

These Spring clean up tips are for you!

I am finding if I can time block cleaning it breaks up chores, makes them feel more doable and I find I am better at doing them regularly. My list below is a 1 hour cleaning time blocks FREE printable just for you! (Just click the text link.) Each category is a group of tasks that can be done in roughly one hour. This list may not deep clean and scrub you r entire house but it gives you a nice sense of clean simply.

You may also find these 9 cleaning tasks you can do under an hour helpful and there is a coupon included in that post for a really handy mop I love!

Here are a bunch of cleaning materials I really find helpful or just plain like using:

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There you have it friends, several simple ways to improve your Spring clean up this time of year! Dovidenia. XO

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