If you have been following me for awhile you will know art is my heart and soul! To me art is an amazing tool to express oneself, connect to others and is extremely therapeutic. Art is absolutely essential to life! The changing of the seasons always inspires me to create new art for our home! Who wants to create new art with their child to make pieces that hold sentimental value as well? Today I have the 10 Best Fall Art Projects for Kids to share! These projects are fun to make with a little one and beautiful too!

1.The first project involves using nature as your brush! You will have a blast painting with Nature Paint Brushes by Messy Little Monster.

2. Do you remember transferring patterns from nature as a kid? Now you can do it again while creating art with this Easy Leaf Art for Kids by Craftulate.

3. If you are a fan of all things pumpkins and watercolors then this Harvest Pumpkin Watercolor Art Project by Rhythms of Play will be a blast to create!

4. Create beautiful Fall luminaries with these Leaf Lanterns by Red Ted Art.

5. If you are a collector of crafts like me you will have spare paint and yarn to make this Yarn Art with Watercolors by the Pinterested Parent.

6. Get your kids outdoors and creating art with this Leaf Collage by Crafty Kids At Home.

7. I always loved making mosaics as a child! This Mosaic Acorn by Crafts by Amanda is beautiful and fairly simple for even the youngest artist!

8. Get creative with a unique medium with these DIY Clay Leaf Bowls by Emma Owl.

9. My good friend makes such beautiful art pages and unique kids crafts! You will love making this
Fall Collage Canvas Art by Arts & Crackers.

10. Get your kids learning while they create with Studying Rousseau Nature Inspired Process Art for Preschoolers by Playground Parkbench.

There you have it friends, fun art projects for kids that will help you soak in the beauty of my most favorite season of all, FALL! Dovidenia. XO

BONUS! If you loved those Fall art projects you may also enjoy this Fall Tree Watercolor with Up-cycled Leaves.

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