My season is which ever one I’m in! What’s your season?

I answer that question in a literal sense as the seasons fall, winter, spring, & summer come and go and I experience them as “mother nature” pleases. I live in the season of the moment trying to enjoy & savor the foods, smells and activities it brings. We can use the literal seasons of life as an analogy to our lives in general.

In continuum from the posts, “I love you, sweet cheeks” & “10 Ways to a Simpler Life”, contentment and gratitude in our lives are factors I have been exploring and offering encouragement. I have found living in the moment has increased contentment in my life which definitely simplifies things! Just as the seasons come and go, “seasons” or times in one’s life do the same. Before this strive toward simplicity, I often found myself worrying about the future or over planning it and analyzing (ok OVER analyzing…ha) the past. The constant focus on “seasons” I was not in, robbed me of the joy and contentment of the present. The journey I am in now toward focusing on the little things and keeping it simple has opened my eyes to the PRESENT. I encourage you to join me in embracing YOUR SEASON in the present! Let’s enjoy the tangible gifts this season brings in nature and also the gifts our life is offering us in the moment!


For the challenges and hardships our life’s “season” may offer, let us challenge ourselves to look at it as an opportunity for growth that enables us to enjoy more fully the seasons to come! As my rough-around-the-edges-tough-as-nails-rancher of a Grandma used to say, “Let go & Let God” babe! Dovidenia. (wink & air smooch)

P.S. Follow the “Let go & Let God” link for a fun home décor freebie XO

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