Dear Eye-Roller-Snear Face,

Good mid-morning to ya! I hope you are having a delightful light lunch with your friend. I know I have been talking about this BIG EVENT outing for a day now….me and the “littles” anyway. My little herd and I like to call these events “dates” and they are A. BIG. DEAL. A play date with grub and treats is a big to do in our house! The “littles” and I got dressed, fed and ready in record time….I’m talking a stealth-mode-record -breaking 2 hours and 40 minutes and out the door (I know you’re jealous…I’m more than happy to share my tips over a Starbucks with my 3 kids quite preciously speaking over us…). On the way to our date things go as beautifully as usual….the “littles” excited, smiling and laughing as we are singing on the way to our fun (heart melting…I love it)! The scheduled inconvenient baby poop and urgent toddler pee that calls for a quick stop to a mini mart ( or a quick country pee when no one is looking …wink) doesn’t stop our excitement!

I’m sure our grand entrance into the most formal Costa Vida was somewhat like a circus on a parade… genuine apologies that we stole the peace & quiet from your formal dining experience. The “littles” were just so excited to be on their “date” with mommy and out on the town (which is quite a change from our 10 acres of dirt fields and cows). As I was ordering for all of us, I can admit (as I do not have 3 arms) I ….MIGHT have pretended not to notice my precious doll face as she was dancing around the restaurant to the music and my toddlers playing an innocent game of tag near your table…. while I was desperately trying to finish up the ordering process. I am a generous soul, so I will not send you a bill for the performance and entertainment that was provided on behalf of my babies. As I sat down to enjoy scarfing my meal quickly (as I was planning my quick get away back home) my precious friend did offer a wise thought….bringing my littles out MORE OFTEN thus to …I would assume….aid them in their circus act. I will tell you, Eye-Roller-Snear-Face….this thought has crossed my mind but out of the interest of the well-being of society and being the gracious saint that I am, I will NOT be doing this training service anytime soon. The greater good of society with the preservation of a  peaceful environment AND  preservation of my SANITY are enough reasons to not follow my wise friends suggestion (for now at least …  . So besides the random “dates”, some haphazard church attendance, grocery shopping and Ranch & Home….I will keep my beautiful, precious, happy, loving, circus parade… on the farm, where they will grow up and mature just fine (wink).

With my most sincerest regards,

P.S. Your facial expressions did inspire me towards creativity! THANKYOU…THANKYOU! I did create a DIY Survival Kit (here)  for future circus outings such as these! Just making the world a better place one mommy at a time…you know….Ha! So keep up the snear if you would like…as for me I’ll keep liven’ and lovin’ and, as Keith Urban sings in my new favorite song, “Raise ’em Up” the best I can.

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