Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”-Albert Camus

Often I find myself admiring nature and really taking in the details of the textures, colors, shapes and shades of the nature that surrounds me. Fall is my most favorite time of year. One reason is the beautiful rich colors of the changing leaves. If you love the colors of Fall, you will enjoy this Watercolor Autumn Leaves DIY…a way to savor the seasons goodness even more!


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paintbrush & pencil
watercolor paper
tracing paper
transfer paper


1. I start my art often with a free-hand drawing on tracing paper. (If art is not your strength tracing an actual leaf or a cookie cutter is a simple option.) I do this as a way to create an original I use to make duplication simple and efficient.


2.Using gray transfer paper I then place it under the tracing paper, black ink side down on the watercolor paper. Trace your images and when you life up your tracing and transfer paper you will see a beautiful copy is left behind of your images.


3. Once your outline is on the watercolor paper start replicating nature the way your eye sees it!  I start from the inside veins of the leaf and work my way outward adding different colors towards the tips. Use just water on your brush to blend outward.

For further guidance view the video below. If you love this art inspiration please hover over the picture below and pin it to your favorite Pinterest board. You are welcome to  follow me on Periscope at Simple Acres or follow my art more intimately on my instagram. See how I used my fall leaves with a fun up-cycled cork board! For a better understanding of my watercoloring process read here.



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