In the spirit of Christmas and all things motherhood, life and craziness I felt the gentle tug of inspiration to share a few gift ideas I think will be a BLESSING to those that need a laugh. This is the Ultimate Christmas Guide for the Humorous, so please hang up your serious pants now! Be prepared for randomness as well as quirky and humorous gifts.


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First, let me just say…you are awesome and you DESERVE an award each and every day of your life! This gift is affordable, simple and worth buying for yourself. You can wear these with pride! Stickers that give us credit for drinking only ONE glass of wine at night when our kids are crazy, climbing the wall maniacs! This is the kind of acknowledgement I know I need!



The next very crucial and appreciated gift a parent needs is something that preserves the vocal cords. Now I am not assuming you EVER raise a loud voice in your home but just in case, this megaphone is ACTUALLY on my real wish list! I may or may not have a secret dream of singing on the voice and I may or may not be accused of letting out a few glorious shouts on our beautiful 10 acres of farm, cows and 3 crazy kids.



Sorry in advance to any vegetarians reading this (you know I love ya). If you have a hunting fanatic man in your life like I do this shirt is a must! Yup, adding this to my list for my man right now!



I love a good yet very honest mug these days. There is not enough of them around anymore! If this mug doesn’t speak to you we can’t be friends. Ok, we can be friends as long as you accept this truth in my life! HA!



How many of us “have to”, because of adulting and/or our profession, carry out this very put together and professional appearance. My inner Catholic uniform wearing school girl hates the expected professional attire and LOVES THESE SOCKS! There is something fun about funny socks under all that seriousness! As a Dietitian by day I think these socks are definitely calling my name! They have donut ones, pizza ones and my most favorite bacon cheeseburger ones!



I am having fun shopping so here are a few more quick funny gifts for your holiday season!


A wine glass every mom will appreciate!


A happy and silly movie the whole family can enjoy!



Sometimes it is just fun to be… “Classy, Sassy & a bit Smart Assy”.

I hope you all enjoyed an extremely laid back and fun post of just a few gift ideas that might bring a laugh to a loved one or yourself! After the stress that comes with life, it is so important to let a laugh out more often than not and try to take life just a little less serious!

On a serious note, I adore and appreciate each and every one of you that read my blog. It is because of you I GET to share my passion, crazy, quirky creativity with the world for a living! Thank you for truly making my dream become a reality. You all are one of the best Christmas gifts a girl could have! Merry Christmas! XO

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