Lavender Spring Salad

Good day friends! How is your success going towards health? I have been encouraging you towards a successful HEALTH LIFE lately. We have introduced this topic with encouragement and sprinkled it with some healthy recipes, such as the Health  Smoothie to start out your day. Time management has been our latest topic of focus as without planning our goals will not be achieved successfully. Review of this important article here.

Today I want to introduce the importance of tools for success! Planning when you will exercise, when you will set aside time for recharging and even when to go to bed (if you are a night owl like me) creates a foundation to your improved healthy lifestyle. Your question may be now,  “What the heck do I eat?!” Recipes can be found here at Simple Acres on the “Health/Food” tab you are currently reading and can be reviewed quickly under “Categories” which is located to the right of this article (in the web non-mobile setting). What is missing for most is how to put healthy recipes together to plan your week…and often we know how to do this but the busyness of life makes menu planning a challenge (I am even guilty of this!)

I have an answer! I have partnered up with Chef Lilly who creates a new weekly menu plan full of healthy seasonal meals. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some thinking out of menu planning? With Chef Lilly’s affordable program you get access to her new weekly menu full of delicious, simple and healthy meals every week. As a member you get a weekly email that introduces you to the new menu. Once logged in to your membership you can view the different meal options for the week and with a click of a button add your favorites to your “cookbook” and/or add it into a list that compiles your weekly grocery list. What gets easier than that?! I’m so excited about this friends….because as a Dietitian the number one cause of poor adherence to a healthy lifestyle is a busy schedule with inconsistent planning.

The picture above is of Chef Lilly’s Lavender Spring Salad! Oh so yummy…and when I make her meals I feel like the “foodie” I have always longed to be! For more on her program, services and details click here.

So let us keep getting healthy FOR GOOD! Dovidenia. (wink)

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