I love blankets. You will find me with a cozy blanket on the coldest of Winter days and even in the Summer. I love the coziness and warmth of my tied fleece blanket. I’m excited to share how to create one for yourself. These blankets are simple, soft and cozy!

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Here is all you will need to make your own tied fleece blanket:

Here is HOW to make your fleece blanket:

1. The first step is laying out your fleece one sheet on top of the other. Make sure it is matched up and the top of your fleece is faced out on each side.

2. Once laid out and lined up you can cut sliced around the parameter of the blanket about 1 inch wide and 2-3 inches deep.

3. Once the whole edge is cut, go back and tie each two strand set that lays on top of each other. This will connect the blanket.

4. Pick that blanket up that took mere minutes to make and get COZY!

These tied fleece blankets can look nice as decor as well depending on what fabric patterns you choose!

These are some of the warmest and softest blankets in our home! If you love all things cozy and hygge you may love this article on how to achieve more of it in your life.

For more fun DIY projects start here:

Valentine Pillows – No Sew Fleece Tie Heart Pillows

Dovidenia my friends and stay warm and cozy! Over and out. XO




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