How do you do? I want to get to know each other better! So here it goes….I’m a nature jogger, white irish latte drinker, busy minded, creative minded, where’s-my-keys-I lose-them daily minded, family lover, weed picker, craft addict, bling maker, messy painter, vintage collector, essential oil applier, wanna-be-foodie,  red wine sipper, meal burner, kid wrangler, hard-workin-man lover,  and Jesus follower…and so much more woman! I wanted to share in the next few weeks things, people and activities I …..well kinda adore (wink).

I value you and I would love to hear/see from you all more and what things you enjoy! I want to create a community and relationship here at Simple Acres, so keep in touch! Please comment, offer suggestions, share your insights and fun ideas…I want to hear from you! XO

You can find me on facebook, instagram and twitter. You can add to the fun of the simple things you enjoy in life with this hashtag #simplefavoritethings2015 .

I wanted to share a few things I love! As reflecting on those things big small, deep and shallow it encourages GRATITUDE which encourages CONTENTENT which encourages HAPPINESS!

 First and foremost I love supporting other entrepreneur mommas and their passions! The first is this super light weight and soft Mama Bear hoodie by Loved by Hannah and Eli, a creative and skilled momma making an array of attire! This item of clothing is one of my favs (sweatshirts and hoodies are my number 1 go to)! I love it for this season because its light weight enough to offer the minimal layer you want when there’s just a touch of chill on a summers night….PLUS…Mama Bear is totally how I feel about my babies!
If you have started following me you may have noticed I love art and crafts! It soothes my soul and de=stresses me like no other. If you followed me on facebook before the blog…you might have started because of my jewelry. These earrings are made with the products provided through another awesome mama who juggles lotsa babies and buttons! Check out I Like Big Buttons if you want materials for super fun and easy craft materials!

These earrings are also available at Shop Simple Acres.

Last but not least…I love my faith and the hope it brings me. It inspires my art often. I love the quietness my mind enjoys as I create jewelry of all sorts and reflect on the simple things of life as I do so. I love hobbies and activities that support, nurture and encourage inner self care!

Well that is enough of my blabbering on…I hope I didn’t bore you but hoped if I “spilled my beans” (wink) you would be comfortable to do the same! What’s your style? What hobby offers you inner refreshment? Got any quirks we can laugh at (I mean with you…ha)? Dovidenia. XOXO

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