Time management. Two words that can be so challenging. Although mastering these two words (other than writing them…ha) is key to efficiency and REACHING YOUR GOALS! We can do this friends! I have found myself spread too thin & overwhelmed with goals I was never quite reaching….discouraged to say the least. Can you relate?

With my day job, mommy duties, wife-y duties, art making and blog “business”…oh and TAKING CARE OF MYSELF…..I needed to get my shit (sorry but its the right word for how I have been feeling)  together NOW! Here’s what I have done thus far that has made my life more efficient and less stressful.

I schedule. EVERYTHING. Why? Read here and here.
Here is a simple Success Planner DIY-

Binder (I chose a smaller variety that will fit in my purse)
2 sets of month/weekly planner inserts (one for my business life, one for personal life)
Sheet protectors (use as pockets to save receipts, coupons, ect)
Plastic dividers
Colored Pens
*Cost- $15-20
I compartmentalized my life into business and personal. I literally lesson plan my life month to month. I paired each month insert together (2 May’s , 2 June’s ect) with the first being titled for my business and the second for my personal life. This allows me to have enough space for all my “to-do’s” and to be able to quickly flip from one part of my life schedule to the next. As pictured above (my business sheet), you can see I created a legend of sorts using different colored pens to delegate the days I work,  what I am to achieve on those days, my scheduled business outreach ect…ect..BORING…I know.

For health, which is in my personal month insert , I schedule my workouts (what am I doing, when and where), my dinner menu ideas, my kid days and what fun memories or lessons I would like to share, date nights, spiritual time, cleaning (I guess)….and anything else I can possibly imagine I want to achieve to feel satisfied as a HUMAN BEING…no SUPER WOMAN (wink).  Be realistic of your time limits, personal limits and fine tune your goals to the ones that matter…then schedule it and WRITE IT DOWN. Written goals inspire, offer reflection and accountability. Key here is, less is more. We will get to that in our next post. Get on with your bad self friends!  Here’s to making our dreams reality…quite simply! (wink)

P.S. Next we will talk about setting goals worth achieving!

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