What says Summer better than a tie dye tee? I’m so thrilled to be sharing this Simple Tie Dye T-Shirt DIY with you. Fresh lemonade drinking and sprinkler running is also definitely on the Summer Bucketlist!  After this simple DIY tutorial you will be tempted to tie dye everything! Where’s those old socks and undies anyways?

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Summer for us at Simple Acres is all about making lasting memories with our family. This may entail family road trip, back yard camp outs, planting a garden, family gatherings or getting crafty as a family. A tee and a tie dye kit costs roughly $8 and makes several tie dye items! This DIY took 10 minutes or less start to finish excluding the 6-8 hour dry time then washing.


Tie Dye Tee Directions:

1. Lay your shirt out.

2. Pinch the shirt in the middle and twist in a pinwheel .



3. Place rubber bands around the tee until it is evenly spaced around the pin wheel.


4. Add a different color of dye in each segment. I had fun teaching the kids how to make other colors by mixing their primary colors!


6. Wrap your tee in a plastic bag and let sit for 4-8 hours or more.7. Wring out and rinse in a sink or tub.8. Wash tee in washing machine separately from other clothing items the first few wash cycles.

Lastly, wear that tie dye tee with HIPPY-SUMMER pride! Have fun and make those simple family fun memories! Dovidenia. XO

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