I truly love my family and friends! Hosting gatherings is so fun for me because I get to create a meal and environment that is welcoming and fun for the ones that mean the most to me! There is no better way to “be present” with others than with quality time enjoying yummy food and good conversation. Keeping entertainment simple, quick and affordable is a must! Here are a few ideas to inspire your décor and meal for Simple Entertaining for Any Occasion!

Fall is the perfect time to share memories and quality time, watch some football (I love the sound of a game in the background…no matter what…HA!) and enjoy a warm yummy meal with your loved ones! I chose to pick a Fall football theme to show you how simple it is to “dress up” a simple potato and chili bar for your friends! I want simple, quick and yummy for my meal choices and creative with easy clean up for my entertaining décor!


I used a $3.50 roll of brown craft paper that I rolled out as my table topper. This provided a “place mat” for my meal (potato bar) that could be decorated with doodles and writing with a permanent marker. Being I was decorating for Game Day I chose Football inspired words and art. The nice thing about this is that once you are done entertaining you can roll up your mat with it’s, likely mess and spills, and     simple toss it away. This makes clean up a breeze.


Meal Inspiration:
I chose to do a potato bar because it is simple, quick and healthy. It offers macronutrient balance, heart healthy fiber, and warm yummy goodness on a brisk Fall day! I used simple white dishes I have collected randomly from thrift stores to create a simple and clean appearance to my spread.
Being that it is National Chili Month I thought a Loaded Potato with Progresso’s Chili topped with a dollop of sour cream, and sprinkles of cheese, green onion and bacon bits would be a delicious touch to my simple down to earth table while I entertain my family on Game Day!


 Progresso’s Chili is the perfect anytime and anyway tasting just as yummy as a homemade version EXCEPT its ready to enjoy in 5 1/2 minutes!
My family really enjoyed the ambiance of my fun football inspired table spread as well as became fans of Progresso’s Chili loaded in potatoes!
Friends join in the fun! Take part in this months Chili fun! You could win a $25 value package from Progresso that includes :chili, a ladle and an AWESOME cooler chair! Go to http://www.progresso.com/gameday for meal inspiration! Comment below on my post to be entered to win!

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