Running around juggling all the days tasks, cooking gourmet meals with my eyes shut and helping touch up kids homework with my toes…NEVER forgetting anything….well it’s just my thang. Reality check. I’m a survivalist mom, or person for that matter! I forget what day it is if I don’t review my calendar, brushing my hair is “doing myself up” and I often burn dinner because I’m off starting a knit infinity scarf in July. That being said I need reminders ALL over! This is where my Rustic Chalkboard DIY was born! Who needs cute crafty reminder boards for mothering dementia? I got you!

Upcycled Chalkboard DIY


Chalkboards, chalkboards, chalkboards EVERYWHERE! I still cannot get enough of the nostalgic feel these evoke…and what better way to display those statements, quotes, phrases and REMINDERS that encourage and uplift us! This is a simple DIY with a twist.

Rustic Chalkboard DIY Materials

  • frame
  • chalkboard spray paint

Being a country girl I love all thinks rustic, thus a barn wood style frame was my choice. You can pick these up at most craft stores.


  1. Pop the glass out of the frame
  2. Give it 2-3 layers of spray paint (allowing time for each layer to dry)
  3. Place it back in the frame and you are ready to inspire!


Picture My twist is this fun spring butterfly garland I made and attached to my board. The butterfly garland is next on our DIY to do list! Dovidenia for now! XO


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