Being a mother is the single most rewarding and challenging vocation I have had in my life! I believe motherhood is a calling that requires great dedication. I am NOT a perfect parent but my heart always yearns to embody love to my babies and be a presence in their life that is positive. Parenting with Positivity & Praise has been my daily focus lately. I have found simple ways to create a positive foundation to the growth and development of the beautiful souls I have been blessed to raise. Let me share.
I would not be honest if I failed to admit that these beautiful children can push me near the edge at times. With children comes exhaustion and a challenged patience. What parenthood offers that is greater than any challenge, though,  is the growth we feel as parents and the positive impact we GET to offer into our children’s lives. Positive Parenting touches our children in the depths of their soul…it touches their subconscious thinking even…whispering to them promise, confidence and unconditional love. What is more valuable than the vocation of shaping the very “being” of the beautiful little people we are blessed to have?

Enjoy the statements of Positive Parenting.

25 Ways to Speak Praise & Positivity into your Child’s Heart

  1. I’m thankful God gave me you.
  2. I am proud of you.
  3. I am lucky to be your parent.
  4. It is not perfection, but persistence.
  5. You matter.
  6. I love you.
  7. I believe you can do anything you put your mind and heart to.
  8. You add a special touch to this family.
  9. You are worth the moon and back.
  10. You make me smile.
  11. I want to be like you some day.
  12. Being your parent is my favorite job.
  13. You are good because you are a child of God.
  14. You are brave.
  15. You are smart.
  16. You are strong.
  17. I forgive you.
  18. I love you especially when you are having a bad day.
  19. We all make mistakes and are imperfect.
  20. Every moment offers a fresh start.
  21. Not everyone will like you, that’s ok…You love you!
  22. I will always love you NO MATTER WHAT!
  23. You are good enough.
  24. You make my heart happy.
  25. You are amazing inside and out.

These statements have been an intentional reminder I offer my children throughout the day and especially before bed as we pray. Words heal, words build up, words teach and words can grow a person. We may not always choose our words wisely (I’m guilty)…but focus on the positive you can do. I encourage you to speak these words to your children (no matter the age), loved ones, your friends AND YOURSELF!

Dovidenia. XO

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