Spring always reminds me of the beauty of life, new life and love. The season has brought beautiful colors to our acres of weeds ! To wake up to birds singing in our trees and new baby beasties playing on the porch is so refreshing. The longer days allow for more time to build our dreams. Hard Workin’ Man is my dream builder!
The “littles” are growing and developing….loving the nicer weather and dirt to play in. All of this newness and life…I just want to SAVOR it like a glass of really GOOD WINE! (ha) The hecticness calls for the relaxing effects wine brings! (a bigger HA) Seriously though…this yearning for savoring life inspired the need for a new motto, purpose or mission statement in my life!

My new mantra…..LIFE IS FOR LOVING…resonates in me and feels like the key to simplifying and savoring this beautiful gift we call LIFE! (I mention love and simplicity here.) Life is just too short to focus on anything less than being the most loving person I can (try to) be! What is more simple than LOVE?! Without love we have nothing but with it we have EVERYTHING, can achieve ANYTHING, and overcome it ALL! Love can change anything and I am excited to see how a small focus such as this will affect my life and those near and dear to me….and not so near and dear (the hard one) lol!

There is so many ways to live this new mantra…as I truly believe love is an action driven by the heart! One way I hope to do that is through providing yummy, healthy meals to my family. The garden area has been fenced in finally and tilling of the land is in process. In the next few weeks we will start planting an array of produce to nourish our family! I have always loved the idea of feeding a family “off the land”…quite simple yet magical in my eyes! I can not wait for the seeds to sprout…once I plant them of course (wink).

(By the way, I will be digging into the topic (literally and figuratively) of gardening and cultivating seasonal nourishment very soon. In the weeks to come I will be introducing you to a beautiful momma and CHEF ( God knows we need more cooking expertise around this neck of the woods…ha… remember why herehere.) who’s passion is cultivating the land to promote seasonal cooking and eating. She will be gracing our lives by sharing her skills and knowledge with us here at Simple Acres very soon! You can get a preview of what she is all about here.)

Dovidenia…for now! More on the new members of our family…the beasties…tomorrow. XO

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