Reflection and deep thought. These are two things I have been doing a lot of these days. As I gazed out of my back door while overlooking our great field I found myself in awe of natures “sky painting”. This sunset spoke to me as an answered prayer. For me the beauty of creation is a tool for our Creator to use to answer our hearts ponderings. Lately, my purpose and promise in life has become more clear…but it was not always that way.
I believe there is value to each and every one of us, special little humans! We have gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses all very unique to each one of us. Through life I can say my view of what my purpose was varied greatly, often skewed by societies opinion of value. This caused me to have a roller coaster ride (at times) in varied directions in life that I thought was my purpose. What I ended up with was a lot of attempt put forth in disconnected directions. I was left frazzled and stressed with failure in self imposed “goals” and aspirations toward “success”. “Success” was my purpose in life and wealth and security from it was my promise. Now, don’t get me wrong…success, wealth, security…all of these can be good things, just not in the order I had them in MY head.
Friends, what if finding your TRUE purpose IS YOUR SUCCESS (not the other way around)?! What if the gifts, talents and dreams you possess IS YOUR PROMISE in life?  In the last several years as a new mother and now lifestyle blogger I am experiencing a life of purpose and promise like I have never experienced it. The difference is instead of being left felling drained I am OVERJOYED, INSPIRED, EXCITED, CONTENT and full of JOY! I am confident it is because I have leaned into that ever-present, intuitive, small voice within. I have listened to my dreams and hopes AND believed them for once. I have taken that belief, even faith, to heart. I have been true to myself in ways I never have before. I feel confidant in a way I never was. I will not pretend to have it all figured out…BECAUSE I DO NOT(can I repeat that 10 times)…but may I share my thoughts with you in hopes of sharing in my blessing?

10 ways to find your Purpose and Promise in Life
*no expert here just what has worked for me*
1. Have faith in something greater than yourself that has more love and wisdom than you can imagine
2.Beleive that the gifts and talents you were given were not by mistake
3.Believe in yourself, no matter what others think or say
4. Open your heart to your dreams (without judgment and doubt) AND BELIEVE THEM
5. Open you mind, senses and talents to opportunities that honor the above
6. Don’t be afraid of failure…what really is “failure” anyways
7. Don’t be afraid to ask…you would be surprised how much more the door is opened and the answer is “yes”
8.Express your gifts and talents with pride and confidence
9. Believe the world is better with what you bring forth
10. Never give up on what creates passion within you

I have experienced opportunities and relationships in ways I would never have imagined since I truly have leaned into and honored my dreams and aspirations. My hope is this post encourages you to ponder your hearts desire…to take time to be still and know…that there is something if not SOMEONE greater than yourself who has an encouraging hand in your purpose for your life and the promises you have been gifted. If only we LISTEN, lean in, and FOLLOW OUR DREAMS! Dovidenia sweet friends. XO

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