Simple Acres is growing in goodness with new life and structure. It’s exciting to see dreams evolving mainly at the hands of that Hard Workin’ Man of mine. Dreams really can come true with persistence and a little faith.
Our barn is almost finished, just missing some door paint and interior details. More pictures to come in the next few weeks …because who doesn’t love a lil’ red barn?!

I think the hubby was hoping for buried treasure here. The end result of his “playing in the dirt” will be a nice area to enjoy with the “littles” in the evening savoring summer dinners outside and playing ball in the soon to be warm nights. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

WARNING: Wear sunglasses while viewing my white as snow blinding skin!

And there’s me pretending to be the best farmer I can…my thumb is a muted blue but the hubbys is as green as can be…thank God! We will have corn before we know it. I got to know the hoe for awhile….30 minutes that is…hehe…I’m more of the crafting, cooking, art making, picture taking, baby raising, home décor type…see here and here….BUT that Hard Workin’ Man will turn me into a farmer yet…er…or a REALLY CUTE cow feeder and 30 minute hoe wench (wink wink).

I’m lovin’ this country life and the lessons to along the way. I try to embrace and savor it all and SIMPLIFY to help my TAKE IT ALL IN…life is too short and good to do anything else! What’s new in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear! Keep in touch friends! XO


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