Kids are out of school. The days are longer, sunnier, some are even blazing hot. The evenings are ideal for lingering without too much expectation and demands. For me, the days are ripe to just KISS summer: Keep It Sweet + Simple.

During the day, this includes gardening, bike + stroller rides, swim classes, arts + crafts and an upcoming vacation, but really these activities are hardly required.  However, what IS vital in our house is really delicious food. And keeping it simple is the easiest when summer produce is abundant.

Most nights bring a salad to our table, but when there is more produce than I can manage, everything goes on the grill. A marinated protein such as steak, chicken or even tofu can be seared until char marks appear alongside. Once everything is tender, I simply bring out a big cutting board, the best corn tortillas I can find (or occasionally make) and whatever salsas, greek yogurt (our typical ‘sour cream’), limes, cilantro or whatever else gives our dinner a Mexican flair.

Finally, I chop up the goodness as it comes off the grill and dinner is a simple do it yourself affair.This meal even makes a great leftover dinner. Torn up tortillas and whatever remaining taco fillings are tossed in a casserole pan. Beaten eggs are poured over the top and after baking, a Mexican style frittata is born.  

If you are ready to dive into your own delicious KISS summer, I would love for you to join our Meal Plan Summer Camp. Every week Summer Campers receive meal plans, secret recipes, dining ideas such as this and meal planning tips + strategies.
If you would like an official recipe for these Grilled Tacos from Lilly’s Table, check it out here. But, any veggie worth grilling is perfect for these tacos.  Once your veggies are prepped and sliced, dip each vegetable in oil and shake off. Sprinkle each side with salt and pepper. Sear over low heat on the grill until they are tender to the bite.
If you are more comfortable using a grill basket, go for it! If you are struggling with flair ups from the oil dripping, use a roasting pan or baking sheet that fits on your grill.

Whatever you do, make these tacos your own! Then join us over at the
Meal Plan Summer Camp: as we dive into the possibilities for dining all summer long including a private Facebook group, Meal Planning Hangouts and Summer Batch Cooking Classes, which are Live + Online just for Lilly’s Table Summer Campers.

Join me to today! For the most beautiful KISS of summer,  


Seasonal food, straight from the earth, has been an obsession for Lilly Allison Steirer since childhood. It led her to create her meal planning service Lilly’s Table, where she helps mom’s plan and create scrumptious, nourishing meals. She muses about life & food on her blog, but can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but her favorite place is Pinterest. When she is not cooking or online she is usually hanging with her two young children, solar cell scientist husband, sweet pup and flock of chickens in their urban garden just outside of Denver, Colorado.

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