Christmas is one of my most favorite times of year! The purpose, giving to others as a way to celebrate and show love, traditions that bring memories of Christmas past, music that warms the heart and festive foods that fill our homes with love and laughter are just a few of the reasons I am excited for the season! I have a new reason to be excited. THIS YEAR Simple Acres has teamed up with an amazing woman, the creator at Meaningful Mama, to extend an awesome opportunity to bring the best Christmas Gift Guide to our readers and support small shops, artisans and businesses at the same time! Would you like to join our exclusive Christmas Shopping Guide?


Who is this Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide for? 

You! You, the reader and you the business owner and/or creator. This shopping guide will be full of products, shops and companies with amazing products. Products that are unique, high quality and in some cases handmade or made in the USA. We want to simplify Christmas shopping this year by creating a “one-stop-shop” experience for our readers where they can find reputable, high quality and unique gift ideas all in one place.


Who can join this exclusive Christmas Guide? What is the process?

Anyone can apply that has an online business or store that offers products people would consider gifting for Christmas. To apply simply email a link to your business/shop here. Deadlines to submit your application is 11/4/2016. If you are selected you will be notified no later than 11/5/2016. A marketing fee of $20 will be processed by 11/6/2016 and you will then be a member in our Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide.


How can this help my business this season?

We both have a passion to help others succeed in their business and for our readers to have a way to simplify this joyous season allowing more quality time making memories! You will be part of an extensive 6 WEEK promotion to a collaborative pool of 635,759 viewers for ONLY $20! You will be promoted with one image of our choice and 1 link back in a dual blog post on both websites, multiple scheduled posts on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, each business will get promoted on Instagram individually.


Simple Acres and Meaningful Mama can’t wait to promote you starting 11/9/16 to 12/21/2016 and bring your amazing products to our readers! Dovidenia. XO



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