I have been waiting for a genuine experience of humor to occur to grace your reading eyes with… and low and behold…life served me up a wonderful opportunity at 6:30 am this morning. I was happily riding on my Mother’s Day glory to be woken up….quite sweetly, but abruptly to the hubby’s sweet whispering words…”Who pooped in the front room?!”….What?…I’m half in a dream… basking my blinding white legs (more on that here) on an exotic beach somewhere….eating….chocolate…(wake up wake up from the dream)


I jump up rush to the front entry to find two large piles of , no not chocolate at all, HUMAN POOP! I thought…well SHIT…that’s SHIT (lol)…swooped it up with a clean baby wipe…and went back to bed. I did think…”clean break kid” and “thank God it was hard..an easy clean up”. Hmmm… maybe motherhood has made me a better person…a better “waker-upper “(holy hell I used to be a grump when woke), a fearless pooper scooper and an AMAZING rebound dreamer…back to sleep I go…that POOP didn’t stop me a lick….as I slumbered back to eating bon-bons on the beach…only in my dreams (ha) !

Oddly there is a moral to this “likely seems pointless, I stole 5 minutes from your life” story….DONT. LET. SHIT. STOP. YOU. FROM. DREAMING! In all seriousness friends….nothing is to big to overcome and then achieve! DREAMS…no matter the size, are for LIVING! So when life serves you a challenge (poop), be the BOSS you are, handle it with confidence and get your eyes right back on the prize…whatever that dream may be…let nothing stop you! Life is to short….sky’s the limit and all things are possible! I believe you can do it TODAY! Dovidenia. (wink) XOXO

PS-Attitude is everything. Although today started stinky (hehe) it actually ended up being a very wonderful day! Oh and the poop was from the newly attempting potty trainer, my little #3….heaven help us! For more mommy humor click here.

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